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India Studies

These pages will enable you to locate a range of resources on India from books and journals to electronic resources and government statistics.


The Library holds material both on India as a whole but also the individual states indicated in the map above. Use the menu on the left hand side to discover more about the resources the Library has.

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  • Gandhi and Frontier Gandhi
    Frontier Gandhi died on 20 January 1988, 40 years after Gandhi was assassinated on 30 January 1948. Their relationship – both personal and political – holds profound lessons for the world today. The Pathans (or Pashtuns) of the North West Frontier are regarded as a warrior people. Yet in the inter-war years there arose a Muslim movement, the Khudai Khidmatgar, […]
  • Book Review: Boundaries Undermined: The Ruins of Progress on the Bangladesh-India Border by Delwar Hussain
    When anthropologist Delwar Hussain arrived in a remote coal-mining village on the Bangladesh/India border to research the security fence that India is building around its neighbour, he discovered more about the globalised world than he had expected. This ethnographic study takes in sexuality, aid, and industrialisation, and is valuable for readers looking for a nuanced introduction to the complex and multiple constructions of […]