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Statistical data

The Library holds major historic and contemporary collections of statistical data, some of which is available online and some of which is held in the printed collection. The Government publications page has further information on the Indian census material held by the Library.

Major series of economic data

These general series have sections for India and other Asian countries.

Economist Intelligence Unit Country reports contain basic social and economic data.

EIU CountryData provides annual, quarterly and monthly economic indicators and forecasts.

EIU Market Indicators and Forecasts compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit. A database of global market indicators running from 1990 and forecasting 5 years.

IMF data website provides free access to some country and finance data. The library also subscribes to the International financial series

Indian economics and development data

The most recent and the most extensive statistics are available on IndiaStat, with over half a million statistical tables. Other specialist subscription services include:

The Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) is the principal source of industrial statistics in India. The ASI surveys registered firms (more than 10 employees plus electric power or more than 20 employees) in India's manufacturing sector.

The OECD iLibrary also contains a number of useful publications. These include the economic survey of India.

Increasingly, Indian government departments and international organisations are offering free access to data. The Government of India Ministry of Statistics website website is a key starting point for tracing important series. Other useful examples include the Reserve Bank of India which has a database on the Indian economy. Consult the government publications and international organisations sub-sections of this subject guide for further examples.

Human Rights and political data 

Asian Human Rights Commission
Has reports and data on countries of Asia. It includes regular reports on India.

Freedom House
Publishes regular reports on human rights, political rights and civil liberties for nations worldwide.

Centre for the Study of Developing Societies
Has National Election studies and other political data for Indian elections. Some series can be downloaded from the website.

Printed collection

Most of the statistical publications still current are concerned with economics and fiscal matters. As with every country the Library has the Statistical Abstract of India, giving an overview of the country's statistics. The Library also holds earlier statistical publications relating to crime, agriculture and labour. Printed statistics are shelved in the Current and Historical Statistics Collections, on the first and lower ground floors respectively at 54.

For further advice see our Data library collections


  LSE's India Data Centre

The India Data Centre (IDC) is a service aimed at researchers working on India. The resources are open to users from all research disciplines, though our focus lies on socio-economic research. They hold Indian census data and key studies on consumer expenditure, (un)employment and industry. For further information, contact the data library.