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Finding theses

 LSE theses

  • LSE Theses Online has full text copies of some LSE PhD theses which you can download. Note that at present it does not contain all recent theses. These continue to be collected in paper.
  • The Library has paper copies of doctoral PhD theses produced by LSE students. Search for these onLibrary Search  Enter an author name and keyword. Once you have retrieved some search results, narrow down your hits by choosing the option Dissertations from the left hand of the screen. Paper theses must be collected from the Library store. 

UK Theses

  • The British Library is currently developing a project to digitise British Theses. This is called Ethos. Your first step should be to search this to see what is available online. You will need to register before downloading and there is no fee for this.
  • However, not all theses are currently online. For a comprehensive search you must continue to use Index to Theses (for abstracts to all PhD theses submitted in British and Irish institutions since 1715). Once you have found the items you need, you can place an interlibrary loan request via Library Search choose the Interlending option

Foreign theses

  • Dissertations & Theses is an index to theses from North American Universities. You can access the full text of over 10,000 titles completed since 1997 and references to all those submitted since 1861. If an item you need is not in full text online, you can place an interlibrary loan request viaLibrary Search choose the interlending button
  • An increasing number of universities overseas are also making full text theses available via the internet. See theses in our recommended links via the LSE Library delicious account.

Finding theses written in India

  • The Union Database of Theses (on IndCat) covers the bibliographic metadata of Doctoral Theses submitted to 238 Universities/Institutes in India. It has over 239,000 unique records from all subject areas.