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Finding journal articles

Both printed and electronic journals are available via the Library catalogue.

When you know the publication details   

To find both printed and electronic issues of a particular journal you can search for the title of the journal in Library Search|. The printed version will have a classmark on the catalogue record so you can locate it in the building.

Key African Journals

Includes an annual bibliography of African studies. Covers the whole of Africa and is not confined to work in English. The work contains over five thousand items categorised by region, country and subjects. The library has both print and online holdings from 1928 onwards.

Africa: South of the Sahara|
Annual publication on the physical, political and economic structure of states and territories outside North Africa. The library has print holdings from 1972 onwards.

African Affairs|
Journal of the Royal African Society publishing articles on political, social and economic developments in sub-Saharan countries.The Library has both online and print holdings from 1901 onwards.

Africa Research Bulletin|
Leading bulletin service on Africa. It is composed of two series "Political, Social and Cultural" and " Economic, Finance and Technical". Both series are available online from 1964.

Afrique Contemporaine|
Major series on francophone Africa. The Libraries has both online and print holdings from 1962 onwards.

Journal of Modern African Studies|
Quarterly publication by the Cambridge University Press which covers developments in modern African politics and society, The Library has complete holdings from 1963 onwards online.

Review of African Political Economy|
This publication provides analysis of trends, issues and social processes in Africa. The Library has complete print and online holdings from 1974 onwards.

Finding journal articles

Although journal articles are indexed on Library Search not all databases are covered and it is recommended to search databases individually.

These are specialist  Africa area studies resources. Remember that the main social sciences journal indexes also cover Africa. 

Africa Bibliography|
Covering the whole of Africa, and not confined to work in English, the work contains over five thousand items categorised by region, country and subject. Holdings from 1920s onwards.

African Journals Online|
The world's largest collection of peer-reviewed, African published scholarly journals.

African Studies Abstracts|
Compiled by the African Studies Centre Leiden indexes and abstracts articles from over 400 journal titles, plus selected book chapters  from  their collection. All topics of humanities and social sciences are covered. Issues from 2003 onwards are online.

Africabib.org |
This web site provides access to several free databases: African women, Africana periodical literature database an Women travelers, explorers and missionaries to Africa .The Quarterly Index of African Periodical Literature 
compiled by the Library of Congress Office in Nairobi now forms part of the Africana Literature database.

SOAS Library|
Can also provide free access to Africa-Wide Information. which indexes articles, books and news reports relating to all aspects of African studies. LSE students can register to use the library.