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The map shows the comparative strengths of Library collections for African countries with the darkest blue denoting the highest concentration.


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Liberia’s Postwar Constitution Review: A Tale of Mistrust and Uncertainty
Richard Akum and Mainlehwon Vonhmassess the proposals under consideration in Liberia’s constitution review. This post is part of our African Elections series. When under review, a constitution (the supreme law of the land) exposes issues of collective angst within the land. In Liberia, the process to review the 1986 constitution began in 2012. The de jure ramifications of constitutional reviews, […]

Book Review: Security Activities of External Actors in Africa, edited by Olawale Ismail and Elisabeth Sköns
Nick Branson says the editors of this volume Olawale Ismail and Elisabeth Sköns have assembled a wealth of data and analysis that could prove useful to researchers on Africa. As Olawale Ismail and Elisabeth Sköns remark in their introduction, there is seemingly no shortage of motivation for external actors to intervene in African affairs. Twenty-five military deployments were made on […]

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Africa: Could Africa Blaze the Trail on Climate?
[SAIIA] Ahead of the UN Conference of Parties (COP 21) meeting in December 2015, which it is hoped will deliver a universal, legally binding climate agreement to succeed the Kyoto Protocol by 2020, Paris is hosting an International Scientific Conference (ISC) from 7-10 July.

Kenya: 10 Things You Need to Know About Genital Cutting
[The Star] Nigeria recently banned female genital cutting or female genital mutilation (FGC/FGM). That is a huge step forward for women's rights. But what is FGC? And what does the situation look like elsewhere?

United Nations

Children bearing brunt of ongoing political instability and violence in Burundi, UN warns
Children, some as young as four years old, are bearing the brunt of the prolonged instability and election-related violence in Burundi, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) warned today, confirming reports of an additional three deaths of children over the last five days.

Ebola: as virus resurfaces in Liberia, UNICEF teams and supplies arrive in affected areas
In a speedy response to Liberia's first confirmed cases of Ebola in more than three months, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has begun distributing emergency supplies in the affected communities including tents for isolating those under quarantine, hygiene kits and chlorine and buckets for handwashing stations.

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