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Government publications

Government publications| includes reports, parliamentary proceedings and official statistics. For most African nations the Library aims to acquire central government publications containing social or economic data. However, for other nations, such as South Africa, coverage is more comprehensive.

See our detailed collection development policy| for details on levels of coverage.

Materials are arranged in a numerical sequence. The numbers occasionally have letters after them which indicate a particular country or region within a country. 

There are two sequences: one for government reports (located on the Lower Ground Floor) and one for statistical data. The latter has the prefix HA next to the country classmark. Newer statistical publications are shelved on the First floor of the library. Older materials on the Lower Ground floor in the Historical Statistics section.

Official Statistics

The Library holds a large collection of current and historical statistics produced by national governments. Within the Statistics Collection publications for each country are arranged according to a subject arrangement

National Account Statistics- coverage usually includes yearbooks, but in some cases is more detailed.

  • Agricultural Statistics
  • Demography/ censuses
  • Financial Statistics.
  •  Health statistics 
  • Industrial statistics
  • Retail statistics
  • Social welfare statistic 
  • Trade Statistics
  • Transport Statistics