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Finding books 

  • Use Library Search  to search across our collections of books, journals and online resources.
  • Use our specialist resources for legal research such as Westlaw UK and Lexis Library to find case law and legislation.
  • New to the Library? See our  orientation information. 


Access ebooks with your LSE username and password.

Major Law collections include:
Westlaw UK| - Select 'Books' for all titles including the White Book (Civil Procedure) and Archbold.
Oxford Scholarship Online| - OUP titles
MyiLibrary| - Selection of titles from reading lists
British Tax Library| - Commentary, legislation and case law from 1875.
Hein Online's| legal classics collection of over 1,200 books.
Intelex Past Masters| - Classic texts e.g. Hegel, Kant| - Books, journals and documents for international commercial arbitration.
Oxford Competition law|
- key commentaries in EU competition law, fully linked with national case reports and source materials.
SourceOECD| - All OECD publications since 1998.

 Print collections

  • Course Collection (ground floor) - multiple copies of essential course texts. Many of the current editions of legal textbooks will be in the Course Collection.
  • First floor - law books and law reports (shelved by jurisdiction followed by subject) and law journals shelved alphabetically.  
  • English Law  (classmarks beginning KD) - statutes, statutory instruments, general law reports and digests are at the start of the KD sequence in that order.
Law book classmarks 
Subject Classmark

Companies, Bankruptcy, Regulation, Monopolies

KD2040 to KD2220
Comparative law K540 to K5570
Conflict of laws K7051 to K7690
Courts, procedure, evidence (UK) KD6850 to KD7640
Criminal law/procedure (UK) KD7850 to KD8464
European comparative law KJC
European human rights KJC
EC law KJE
International law & International Relations JX/JZ/KZ
Jurisprudence K237 to K487
Labour law (UK) KD3001 to KD3177
Law Reports (UK, general) KD190 to KD300
Law of the United Kingdom KD125 to KD8464
Law of war JX4505 to JX5397
Revenue/Taxation (UK) KD5320 to KD5694
Treaties JX120 to JX1195
UK legislation KD125 to KD180
United Nations JX 1976-7
United States KF

To see what the Library aims to collect, please see our Collection Development Policy for Law|.


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