Primary sources

Government and Inter-governmental organisations

Much information is held within governmental publications. Reports of working parties, committees, commissions and departments may all hold such information. Also, parliamentary (or assembly) papers are valuable sources - as are responses by members of parliaments to questions.

The Library holds extensive collections of government and inter-governmental material, most of it dating from the early Nineteenth Century onwards.

Much of this material can be found through Library Search. Some material, however, is not catalogued (eg: United States documents, United Nations documents and European Union "COM" documents).  


The Library has access to current and historical news, press releases, magazines, trade journals, newsletters, broadcast transcripts, video, newsletters and blogs.

Nexis UK is the most important resource for access to UK national and regional newspapers from 1980 onwards. Most titles are updated daily. However, some titles such as the Financial Times have an embargo period. The database includes both national and regional tabloid newspapers.

Factiva combines more than 28,000 sources to give access to premium content from 159 countries in 23 languages, including US and international newspapers and continuously updated newswires, trade journals, websites, blogs, and multimedia.