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Our subject guide will help you find the best resources for your studies and research.

Books on your reading list

Use Library Search to access online resources and get classmarks for print material.

The Library is divided into a number of collections so make sure to note down the full location of the item you want. 

Course Collection

The Course Collection (ground floor) contains copies of essential texts from your reading list. These books can be borrowed for 3 days and renewed if no one else requests them. 

Many of these books will be available as ebooks on Library Search. 

Most reading lists are now available via Reading Lists @ LSE

Gender Studies collections

Some key classmarks for gender studies  are

  • Sociology: HM-HX
  • Women's studies: HQ

Find the location of these classmarks on the building floor plans.

Note that there are many other books in the Library which are of interest  to gender studies research relating to the economics, politics and social relations of men and women. To locate these enter keywords in Library Search.

Specialist dictionaries and encyclopedia

Useful for quickly checking definitions, summaries of theories and thinkers. Key titles for gender studies include: 

  • Oxford Reference Online - contains several hundred dictionaries and encyclopedia. These include English and foreign language dictionaries as well as specialist works on social policy, social care and philosophy

Finding journal articles

Most of the time you should be able to find and access the articles you need through Library Search. However, we also provide access to powerful databases that can help you discover articles that are not available through Library Search, or even search engines like Google.

Use these tools to discover journal articles to further support your research. When we don't provide access to the full text of the articles you need you can request them through the interlending service

Top social science databases

  • Web Of Science - provides access to articles covering all aspects of the sciences, social sciences and humanities. Many dating from the 19th century onwards. Also enables you to quickly locate highly cited articles in your subject area.
  • Scopus  - covers a wide range of science and social science subject areas including gender studies, Women’s studies and LGBT issues  . Abstracts and indexes over 20,000 titles mostly from 1996 to present. Quickly locate highly cited articles. 

Specialist Gender Studies databases

These databases focus more narrowly on specialist subject areas. They can be used to supplement the general social science resources listed above.

  • LGBT Life with full text -  index to the world's literature regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. Features: it is possible to cross search this database with a number of our other indexing services. Log on and select the choose databases option to see the full list. They include PsycINFO (Psychology) Communication and mass media Complete. EconLit (economic theory and analysis) SocIndex (Sociology).       


Many newspaper websites offer free access to the latest headlines and stories. We provide you with access to searchable back files via the Library subscription services listed below:

  • Nexis  - contains the full text of a large number of UK and foreign newspapers most  from 1980 onwards. Updated daily.
  • Factiva  - has extensive English language and foreign coverage. Emphasis upon business and trade news.
  •  - register with your LSE credentials and benefit from our institutional access. Enables you to consult special reports, set up alerts and create lists of press clippings that you can share with others.

Historic newspapers

  • Gale NewsVault - cross search a number of leading historical collections including the 17th-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers; 19th Century British Library Newspapers; 19th Century UK Periodicals.
  • ProQuest Historical newspapers  - includes the full text of the Guardian 1821-2003 and the Observer 1791-2003. Later issues can be accessed via Nexis

Foreign newspapers

Recent editions of foreign newspapers can be located via Nexis and Factiva  . Other specialist databases include:

  • Latin America Data base - consists of three news digests from the Latin American Institute of the University of New Mexico. There is also a full text archive searchable by date or keyword of all issues from 1986.
  •  - provides access to English translations and summaries of news stories and articles that have appeared in the media of over 20 Arab countries, Iran and the Arab Diaspora. It is possible to search all articles from 2005 onwards.
  • Eastview Russian Databases  - Includes the Universal Database of Russian Newspapers for access to the full-text files of over 30 of the most influential Russian newspapers of Moscow and St. Petersburg, and 80 regional newspapers, Russian Duma Publications for parliamentary news and analysis, and the Universal Database of Statistical Publications.

Policy and legislation

Gender studies research often involves the consultation of government policy. Most departments have  websites where you can find the latest press releases, reports, regulations and statistical data. Some UK examples:

  • Public Information Online  - LSE staff and students can access the full text of UK government documents and reports since 2006.

Intergovernmental organisations

Many international organisations' websites provide access to reports, regulations and statistics. Key bodies

  • European Union - has specialist pages on all aspects of gender equality.
  • UN Women - seeks to promote and implement women's rights worldwide.

Audiovisual materials

  • Box of Broadcasts (UK Access only)  - a streaming TV service. Access TV and radio programmes from over 60 channels. Includes BBC TV and radio plus 10 foreign language channels. Content is from 2007 onwards. Transcripts are available for TV and radio news programmes. You can also search for TV Listings using the TRILT database.
  • JISC Media Hub - enables cross searching of a large collection of online video materials. These include news reels from ITN and Reuters. Also available are image and photograph collections. Access using the UK Federation option. 

Archives and special collections  


  • Dissertations & Theses Global - an online database containing the full text of thousands of PhD from universities worldwide. It includes references to all UK and Irish doctoral theses produced since 1715 with full text content where available. If an item you need is not in full text online, you can place a request for it via the Interlending option on Library Search.
  • LSE Theses online - contains many full text LSE PhD theses. Older items that are not available online are available in the Library.

Data Library

The Library provides access to a number of  general databases that contain country level economic and politics data that would be of value to gender studies researchers.

  • IMF data website provides free access to some country and finance data.
  • OECD iLibrary also contains a number of useful publications on the economic position of individual nations.

An increasing number of international organisations are offering free access to their statistics online.

  • IPU (Interparliamentary Union) Women in politics website has comparative data relating to women's political representation worldwide.
  • OECD Development Centre’s Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI)  Cross-country measure of discrimination against women in social institutions across 160 countries. five dimensions of discriminatory social institutions, spanning major socio-economic areas that affect women’s lives: discriminatory family code, restricted physical integrity, son bias, restricted resources and assets, and restricted civil liberties.

Current research

  • Zetoc - use this service to set up alerts and receive tables of contents from your favourite journals.