Primary sources

The Library holds a wide selection of primary sources to support your research.

Official publications

The Library has extensive collections of government and intergovernmental publications including one of the largest European Documentation Centres in the UK (for official EU publications from 1952 onwards.) 

The Library holds extensive collections of government and intergovernmental material, dating from the early nineteenth century onwards including:

  • Parliamentary/Assembly papers and documents 
  • Parliamentary/Assembly debates
  • Legislation, primary and secondary; law codes or international law codes
  • Treaties or international treaties
  • Major historical documents series
  • Statistics of: economic and financial indicators including national accounts, population, foreign and domestic trade, transport, tourism, agriculture and industry.

Use Library Search to locate these materials.  



Nexis  - worldwide newspapers in text form only covering 1980 onwards. It is updated daily. This service is text only and does not include any images.

Factiva - worldwide news services, trade magazines. It includes the major European news service, Agence Europe

Times Digital Archive 1785 -1985 - a facsimile of the newspaper including all images, adverts.

The British Library Newspaper Library has back-runs of London, British provincial and some overseas newspapers.



See the Library's archives and special collections overview to see the highlights of the collections.