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Support The Women's Library @ LSE

Supporters share some of their stories and reasons for supporting The Women’s Library @ LSE 

The Collection

The Women's Library is the oldest and most extensive collection of women’s history in Europe, and a key part of the UK’s national heritage.

Founded in 1926, The Women’s Library collection has developed to become a world-leading resource of material relating to women’s history. In its new home at LSE, this material will benefit from expert staff, fantastic facilities, and a programme of events and outreach activity intended to reach a wide public audience.

Philanthropic support has played an important role in the evolution of the collection, and The Women’s Library @ LSE continues to welcome such support for the maintenance, conservation and exhibition of these collections. 

Where help is needed

Gifts made in support of The Women’s Library @ LSE have a real impact, furthering a range of activities which serve to strengthen the collection, including:

  • Conservation and preservation of important archival material
  • Building and cataloguing of the collections
  • Increasing public access through engagement activity, including physical and digital exhibitions

Ways in which you can help

There are several ways to support The Women’s Library @ LSE in this important work:

For further information on supporting The Women’s Library @ LSE, please contact LSE Advancement.

* US based donors can make an online donation here.