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The Women's Library @ LSE

About The Women's Library @ LSE collection

The Women’s Library @ LSE documents all aspects of women’s lives, with a particular emphasis on the lives of women in the UK and the great political, economic and social changes of the past 150 years.

The print collections include over 60,000 books and pamphlets and 3,000 journal titles. The archive and museum collections include over 500 archives and 5,000 museum objects, including photographs, posters, badges, banners, textiles and ceramics.

Use Library Search for the print collections.

Search The Women's Library @ LSE archive catalogue for archives and museum objects.

Accessing The Women's Library @ LSE collections

The Reading Room service is available from The Women's Library Reading Room research facility located on the Fourth Floor of the Library. Use this information to find out how to visit the Reading Room.

Accessing The Women's Library @ LSE digitally

A selection from The Women's Library @ LSE collection is accessible from the Digital Library.

The resource presents a representative sample of the collection, featuring more than 300 items from the 16th Century to the present day and 35 rare books digitised in full.

Women's Walks

LSE Library has partnered with Arts Council England to launch Women’s Walks, an exciting new mobile phone app that enables users to engage with archive materials from women’s history as they walk through London’s streets. Women’s Walks is now available to download for free from the iTunes app store.

Joining the Library

Before visiting the Library's Reading Room you will need to join the Library. Membership is free and available to all those who need to use the collections for their research. Please see the membership page for further information on joining the Library.

Planning your visit to The Women's Library @ LSE

All of The Women’s Library @ LSE collections – including the modern print collections - are currently held in a secure store. Before your visit you should consult the online catalogues to identify the material you would like to see.

Please contact  the Library if you would like help planning your research. The Library's staff can advise you on The Women’s Library @ LSE collections and direct you to material which is relevant to your subject area. You are advised to register online for Library membership  in advance of your visit, book a place in the Reading Room, and order some initial material to be fetched ready for your arrival.

Support The Women's Library @ LSE

Philanthropic support has played an important role in the evolution of the collection, and The Women’s Library @ LSE continues to welcome such support for the maintenance, conservation and exhibition of these collections.

Gifts made in support of The Women’s Library @ LSE have a real impact, furthering a range of activities which serve to strengthen the collection, including conservation and preservation of important archival material; building and cataloguing of the collections; and increasing public access through engagement activity, including physical and digital exhibitions.

Please see the Support The Women's Library @ LSE page for details on different ways in which you can help. 

 The Women’s Library @ LSE Facilities

The building project to create The Women's Library Reading Room was completed in 2014  as was the creation of a Teaching and Activity Room. In 2015 the Exhibition Space was also opened to the public.

The Women's Library Reading Room is a 40 seat research facility located on the Fourth Floor of the Lionel Robbins Building. The Reading Room will support research on women’s history, with the new area playing an integral role within the wider redevelopment plans for the Lionel Robbins Building.

The Exhibition Space, located by the entrance to the Library, is a state-of-the-art facility to showcase the best and most interesting items from the Library's collections. The space includes a video wall alongside two display cases for collection items, enabling the Library to host a series of changing exhibitions. 

The Library's Teaching and Activity Room is located on the lower ground floor, and helps the School provide access to its collections and resources to new groups and visitors.