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Government and inter-governmental organisations

 The Library has major collections of publications from governments and intergovernmental organisations, including many statistical publications.

While UK government publications are naturally the most strongly represented, this collection does not end there. For other countries the Library aims to acquire central government publications containing social or economic data, or illustrating the processes of government and public administration. A special deposit agreement, dating from 1903, ensures an extensive collection of US federal government publications.

Since 1946 the Library has been a United Nations depository library, providing a comprehensive collection of UN publications and documents. Many other organisations are significantly represented, including OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), ILO (International labour Organization), OAS (Organization of American States) and GATT/WTO (General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade / World Trade Organization). As a European Documentation Centre, the Library has received publications from the European Community since 1964.

 You can contact library.enquiries@lse.ac.uk for guidance on locating all official publications.



How to Find Official Publications

UK Government Collection

Publications are divided into departmental and parliamentary publications. In addition to this the Library also has extensive UK Government statistics, election related material and several series of foreign policy documents.

Departmental publications

These can include policy statements, consultations and guidance, produced by individual  government departments.

The more recent departmental publications are shelved at 42 in the  Government Publications section on the 1st Floor. It is a running number  sequence, with items 42(5001-) located on the 1st floor.  All other material is located on the Lower Ground Floor with the 19th century parliamentary papers held in Closed Access.  You can make a fetch request for closed access material through Library Search.

The Library is moving to electronic access where possible so our physical holdings of departmental publications is decreasing.  Try gov.uk where you can search by topic, department or document type.  

UK Parliamentary publications
Bills are legislation proposed by the Government.  Command Papers can be statements of Government policy, or reports of departments. The printed parliamentary publications are located on the Lower Ground Floor of the Library.
Various electronic sources are therefore required in order to locate parliamentary material.

The 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st Century House of Commons Papers database provides access to the full text of British Parliamentary papers issued between 1688-2011/12. They include House of Commons papers, bills, Command papers and other reports. All aspects of social, economic and foreign policy are covered.
The Hansard site contains the full text of parliamentary debates from the House Of Commons and the House of Lords. It contains the full uncorrected text of debates and written answers from 1988 and 10th June 1996 respectively.  Hansard 1803-2005 can also be searched online

Public Information Online provides free access to full text UK government publications from 2006 onwards. These include all House of Commons papers, House of Lords papers, Command papers, House of Commons Bills, House of Lords Bills, Public Bill and Standing Committee Debates.

Overseas Governments

Publications from other countries are arranged in a numerical sequence.  Each region is assigned a number, (for example Europe is 4) and the countries within that region receive a related number.  The UK is 42 and within that London is 421. Similarly, the Indian Sub-continent is 5, India is 54 and Bangladesh is 541.  It is worth noting that the granularity to city level is not consistent for each region, it depends to what level we collect material for each country. 

Books are filed in running number order and the journal sequence has an "R" before the running number. Books are individual publications whereas the journal sequence contains monthly or annual publications.

Intergovernmental Organisations (IGOS)

The arrangement of the Intergovernmental organisations collection on the First Floor is by the acronym of the organisation filing alphabetically (ADB...CE...EP...FAO...IBRD...ILO...OEEC...etc.).

 Within each organisation, books file before journals (serials) in a running number order. The journals sequence has an "R" before the running number - so IBRD (1)....IBRD (999) followed on the shelves by IBRD (R1)...IBRD (R999).

All books and journals are entered on Library Search

The name of the organisation is also entered as an author - use the author browse option to see everything we have by a particular organisation but bear in mind this may be a lot! Monographs include reports, studies, conference reports and working papers.

If you know only the series title (eg: IMF staff country report, IMF working papers, OECD working papers), use the Series browsing option. This will list the titles of the series alphabetically (unless there are more than 200 items).

You can contact library.enquiries@lse.ac.uk for guidance on locating all official publications.