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How to contact us


For general help using the Library services:


Email us: library.enquiries@lse.ac.uk

Call us: +44 (0) 20 7955 7229


or in person throughout the Library

Library Feedback Policy

The Library strives to provide an excellent standard of customer service. Library user feedback is welcomed and used to improve the Library services.

If Library users experience a problem inside the Library, they are advised to report it to a staff member as soon as possible, so that the issue can be addressed immediately. Where action cannot be taken immediately, the member of staff will explain the reasons for this.

If Library users would like to offer feedback, they are advised to contact Library.Enquiries@lse.ac.uk. The Library will respond to all feedback within two working days, informing the relevant Dean and Academic Liaison Librarian when a complaint has been made and ensuring that any subsequent outcomes are communicated to them as well.

Where necessary, the Library will advise users that their feedback will be reviewed by the manager of the relevant service area. The manager will investigate and make recommendations, and a response will be sent within ten working days.

If users are dissatisfied with the Library’s response, a senior manager will review their feedback and provide a further response within ten working days.

If Library users remain dissatisfied, LSE staff and students are advised to follow the School Service Complaints Procedure.

Other Library users who remain dissatisfied, including members of the public, should put their complaints in writing to the Director of Library Services. Users should include full details of the issue and information about any attempts they have made to resolve it.

The Library reserves the right not to investigate complaints that it considers to be frivolous (unfounded, trivial and persistent) or malicious (with vindictive motivation).