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Nicola Wright

 Deputy Director of Library Services

Nicola has extensive experience in library management gained in academic and research libraries including the British Library, the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and Imperial College London. Nicola has a background in collection management, coupled with information services delivery and the use of technology. 

Much of her career has focused on evolving traditional library services into an integrated digital service environment. Her interest in this area began when she joined the British Library's Digital Library Programme in 1997 and continues with her leadership of LSE Digital Library.| 

With an active professional interest in the changing role of research libraries, Nicola has contributed to a number of national and international initiatives, including work with Research Libraries UK, Research Information Network and Research Libraries Group Partnerships in the USA. Nicola serves on the Steering Group of the Nereus Consortium, a network of European and international economics information providers.

Nicola joined the Library in 2008 from Imperial College where she was Project Manager for the UK Research Reserve. As Head of the Library's Academic Services Group she was responsible for the development of the Library's collections, and for the information services which enable people to use them effectively.

In 2011 Nicola was appointed as Deputy Director of Library Services and heads the Resources and Innovation Group.