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MSc Law and Accounting: FAQs

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1. When can I apply to the MSc?

 Applications open in October each year for the following academic year.

2. Is there a deadline for applying?

We set no deadline in advance, as we operate a system of rolling admissions, which means that we close to new applications when the programme is full. We therefore strongly recommend that you apply as soon as possible. 

3. How do I apply?

You can apply online or by post. All applications materials should be sent directly to the Graduate Admissions Office.

see How To Apply

4. How can I contact the Graduate Admissions Office?

Contact information can be found at the link below.

see Graduate Admissions 

5. What is the application fee?

Please see the Application pages of the LSE website. 

6. What are the Admission Requirements?

The MSc in Law and Accounting programme is opened to applicants who have an undergraduate degree in law, accounting or other suitable subject.

Admission is highly selective. The Programme Directors choose from a large pool of well-qualified candidates. Places are normally only offered to applicants with very good grades in their studies (at least a good upper second class degree from a prestigious institution, or an overseas equivalent).

Each application is considered on its own merits. In evaluating applications, the selectors take into consideration the applicant's grades and class rank (at least top 20%of the cohort), letters of reference, the coherence of the applicant's proposed programme of study, and any significant professional accomplishments.

see Graduate Admissions

see Country and Regional Specific information

7. What is the English language requirement?

Minimum English language requirements for law

Law programmes












Pearson Test of English (Academic) (PTEA)






Cambridge English Scale*












It is possible to submit your MSc application and submit the language result at a later date.  If your application was successful any offer made to you would be conditional on you achieving the language score laid out in your letter of offer. 

see English Language Requirements

8. How much are the tuition fees and how do I pay them?

9. What financial help and Scholarships are available?

see Financial Support Office

For further information on Scholarships, contact the Financial Support Office. 

10.  Can I study the MSc part-time?

Yes. The programme can be taken part-time over two years.

Students studying for the MSc over two years take two full units each year (four courses is equal to two full units)

11. Can I study the MSc programme online (distance learning)?

No, this is not an option.

12. How many courses do I need to take?

To satisfy the MSc Programme Regulations students are required to complete four units. Courses on the MSc programme are a combination of full and half units. All students take the compulsory course LL440 Corporate Accountability: Topics in Legal and Accounting Regulation.

see MSc Programme Regulations

13. How are courses assessed?

The taught courses will be assessed generally by written two-hour (half units) or three hour (full units) examinations which will be held during Summer Term in May/June. Essays must be submitted in May/June and dissertations in August. To prepare for the exams, you will have access to past exam papers from our library website. 

14. Where can I find course descriptions / reading lists?

Brief course guides can be viewed at the following link (Note that these are the current academic year guides.  Graduate Law courses begin with the code LL4 and Graduate Accounting courses begin with the code AC4.

see Course Guides

15. How are the courses taught?

Courses are normally taught in seminar groups, meeting for two hours each week. However, there are some - usually larger - courses which are taught by a combination of lectures and a smaller number of smaller follow-up classes.

16. How long does it take to complete the MSc in Law and Accounting programme?

The MSc programme is a full-time 12 month programme. The programme can also be taken on a 24 month part-time basis. Teaching starts in October. Exams take place in May/June and final assessed work is handed in at the end of August.

17. When / where do I need to register?

18. What are the Term Dates?

see Term Dates  

19. When is Welcome Week?

Welcome Week usually begins the Monday before the start of the Michaelmas Term.

see Student Services - Welcome Week

20. What are the prospects for graduates with an MSc Law and Accounting? 

Prospects are generally very good as many employers find the knowledge of the two disciplines very attractive. 

For more information see LSE graduate destinations.