Martin Clark

Martin Clark

PhD Student in Law

Department of Law

About me

Thesis title

'The "International" and "Domestic" in Legal Thought'


Professor Gerry Simpson and Professor Tom Poole

Research interests

History and Theory of International Law, Comparative Public Law, Legal Theory, Legal History

Interests and affiliations

Martin holds honours degrees in law, history and philosophy and an MPhil in Law from the University of Melbourne and the Melbourne Law School, where he is also currently a Research Fellow and was a 2012 editor of the Melbourne Journal of International Law. He is an Assistant Editor of the London Review of International Law, Web Assistant to the Modern Law Review, and contributes to the MLS blog covering the High Court of Australia, Opinions on High  ( In 2015 he visited the British Institute of International and Comparative Law as an Arthur Watts intern.

Select publications

‘Ambivalences, Anxieties / Adaptations, Advances: Conceptual History and International Law’ (2018) Leiden Journal of International Law (forthcoming 2018)

'On Rosa Parks' Tomahawk, or The US Strikes in Syria' on Critical Legal Thinking (21 April 2018)  [article available here], with Ntina Tzouvala

‘“Whatever Happens on Earth Stays on Earth”: Some Other Discourses and the 2017 Chorley Lecture’ [2018] Modern Law Review Forum 1 [article available here]

'A Conceptual History of Recognition in British International Legal Thought' [2017] 87 British Yearbook of International Law (forthcoming 2018)

Oxford Handbook of the Theory of International Law (Oxford University Press, 2017), as assistant editor with Anne Orford and Florian Hoffmann (eds)

'British Influences on the Concept of Recognition during the Interwar Period: Williams, Baty and Lauterpacht' in Robert McCorquodale and Jean-Pierre Gauci (eds), Contemporary Perspectives on British Influences on International Law (Brill, 2016)

'Building the Dignified Authority of Legislation: Towards the Office of Dignified Legislator, Process and Representation' (2015) 40 Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 136

'Experiences of Coming to Law: An Interview with Bob Brown on the Tasmanian Wilderness Society as Client in the Tasmanian Dam Case' (2015) 25 Griffith Law Review 58-67

'Making Sense of Indigeneity, Aboriginality and Identity: Race as a Constitutional Conundrum since 1983' (2015) 25 Griffith Law Review 106-26, with Mark McMillan

'No Thought for Tomorrow: Young Australian Adults' Knowledge, Behaviour and Attitudes about Superannuation' [2015] Law and Financial Markets Review, with Paul Ali, Malcolm Anderson, Ian Ramsay and Chander Shekhar

'The Comparative Constitutional Law of Freedom of Expression in Asia' in Rosalind Dixon and Tom Ginsburg (eds), Comparative Constitutional Law in Asia (Elgar 2014) 227–49, with Adrienne Stone and Rishad Chowdhury.