Dagmar Myslinska

PhD Student in Law

Department of Law

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Thesis title

Poles and Equality: Bridging the EU/UK Gap with a Critique of Critical Race Theory


Professor Nicola Lacey and Dr Coretta Phillips

Research interests

anti-discrimination law, equality, human rights, immigration, race and ethnicity, Critical Race Theory, Critical Legal Studies, whiteness studies, comparative law

Recent publications

'Peripheries of Equality and Belonging: Situating Brexit’s Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric within EU Narratives' (forthcoming)

'Retracing the Right to Free Movement: Mapping a Path Forward?' 27 Michigan International Law Review (2018) (forthcoming)

'Contemporary First-Generation European-Americans: The Unbearable ‘Whiteness’ of Being' 88 Tulane Law Review 559 (2014)

'Intra-Group Diversity in Education: What If Abigail Fisher Were An Immigrant ...' 34 Pace Law Review 736 (2014)

'Racist Racism: Complicating Whiteness Through the Privilege & Discrimination of Westerners in Japan' 83 UMKC Law Review 1 (2014)

LSE BREXITVOTE BLOG, Post-Brexit hate crimes against Poles are an expression of long-standing prejudices and contestation over white identity in the UK, 29 September 2016

LSE BREXITVOTE BLOG, Migration Arguments Supporting Brexit Appear to be Backed by Animus, 23 June 2016

LSE BREXITVOTE BLOG, Incomplete Europeans: Polish Migrants’ Experience of Discrimination in the UK is Complicated by Their Whiteness, 9 March 2016

Select practice publications, available at www.nolo.com, 2012
- Chances of Winning a Grant of Asylum
- Timing of the Affirmative Asylum Application Process
- Which U.S. Agency Will Handle Your Asylum Case
- Living Conditions in Immigration Detention Centers
- Timing of Applying for Asylum in Removal Proceedings
- How to Prepare an Affirmative Asylum Application
- How to Prepare an Asylum Application in Removal Proceedings
- How to Apply for a Work Permit Based on Asylum
- Issues Faced by Detained Applicants Applying for Asylum
- What Will Happen at Your Master Calendar Hearing?
- What a ‘Particular Social Group’ Means for Asylum Purposes
- Can I Still Apply for Asylum After the One-Year Filing Deadline?
- Preparing Persuasive Documents for Your Asylum Application
- Can I Apply for Asylum With a Criminal Record?


Dagmar graduated from Yale University with a BA cum laude, in Psychology, and Film Studies, with distinction in both majors. She received her JD from Columbia University School of Law, where she was the Head Notes Editor for the Journal of Transnational Law, and a recipient of the Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar award. She has taught part-time at several US undergraduate criminal justice programmes and law schools, including Columbia Law School, Fordham, Seton Hall, and Temple (Japan Campus). Before entering academia, Dagmar practiced law, specialising in commercial litigation and pro bono immigration law, at the law firms of Debevoise & Plimpton, and Boies, Schiller & Flexner in New York. She was involved in several high-profile cases, including representing institutional and individual investors in Madoff feeder funds, same-sex couples in a challenge to Prop 8 in California, and Maurice Greenberg in his disputes with AIG. She also worked for Human Rights First, and clerked for a federal US judge. Her academic publications have been featured on several blogs, including the ImmigrationProfBlog, the Legal Theory Blog, Race Racism and the Law, The Book Forum, and the American Immigrant Policy Portal. Her reference articles regarding US asylum law have been published online by Nolo Press. Dagmar has been invited to present her scholarship at numerous international academic conferences, including at the ANU, Osgoode Hall Law School, Sciences-Po, University of Kent, and the LSE. She has also served as a peer reviewer for the McGill Law Journal. She has appeared on US television as an expert on immigration issues, and has been interviewed for radio shows and online news articles. She has also presented continuing-education seminars to US attorneys. 


Attorney (New York; New Jersey)