Dr Valerie Verdoodt

Dr Valerie Verdoodt

LSE Fellow

Department of Law

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New Academic Building 7.23
Dutch, English, French
Key Expertise
Children’s rights in the digital environment, IT and Media Law

About me

Valerie joined The LSE Department of Law as a Fellow in 2019. Valerie's research interests lie in the fields of Human Rights, IT and Media Law, with a particular focus on children’s rights in the digital environment. Prior to joining the LSE, she was a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for IT and IP Law at KU Leuven (CiTiP) and a lecturer in electronic contracts law on the IP and IT Law LLM at KU Leuven, Campus Brussels.

Valerie holds a joint PhD from KU Leuven and Ghent University. In her PhD thesis, Children’s Rights and Advertising Literacy in the Digital Era, she focused on the role of children’s rights in regulating new advertising techniques. More specifically, based on a detailed overview and an in-depth evaluation of several legislative frameworks, policy documents, self-regulatory initiatives and the key literature, she developed children’s rights-inspired recommendations aimed at fostering a more empowering regulatory framework for commercial communications. During her research, she also worked as a legal expert on children’s rights and digital advertising for the World Health Organisation and the Council of Europe. Furthermore, she was a Visiting Researcher at eLaw, the Center for Law and Digital Technologies at Leiden University.

Prior to her PhD research, Valerie worked as lead researcher on several European (FP7) and national (IWT-SBO) research projects on topics such as privacy and consumer protection in relation to social media, digital advertising, cyberbullying, media literacy, smart cities, botnets, etc. She holds an LLM in IT and IP Law from KU Leuven and she spent one academic year at Queen Mary University of London in 2010-2011 as an exchange student.

Research interests

Valerie’s research focuses on the legal and fundamental rights questions originating from the development of new media and technology, in particular (but not exclusively) regarding the protection and participation of children online. She is particularly interested in studying children’s rights in the context of (new) forms of commercial exploitation online (e.g. commercialisation of play through datafication, gam(bl)ing, digital child labour).


External activities

Valerie is an affiliated researcher at the Centre for IT and IP Law at KU Leuven, and the Law and Technology research group at Ghent University. Furthermore, she also an editor of the CiTiP blog and assistant-editor of the Kluwer Encyclopaedia of Laws – Media Law. Valerie is also a member and Vice-Chair of the Strategic Advisory Committee for Media ("SARC Sectorraad Media"), the official advisory body of the Flemish Minister for Media; and a member of the Working Group on unhealthy food marketing and children of the Superior Health Council of Belgium.


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