Mr Simon Wong

Mr Simon Wong

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Department of Law

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About me

Simon C.Y. Wong is a Visiting Fellow at the LSE, Adjunct Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law, and an independent adviser serving companies, investment institutions, regulatory agencies, and international organisations on governance, institutional investment, policy/regulatory reform, and capital markets.

Previously, Simon was a partner at activist investment firm Governance for Owners, Head of Corporate Governance at Barclays Global Investors, and a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. Simon started his professional career as a securities lawyer with Linklaters & Paines and Shearman & Sterling in London, and also served as Principal Administrator/Counsel at the OECD in Paris.

Research interests

My research interests encompass different dimensions of corporate governance, capital markets, and policy/regulatory reforms in developed and emerging markets. Current areas of exploration include:

- Agency issues within the capital markets and impact on incentives, behavior, and accountability
- Effectiveness of institutional shareholders as monitors/stewards
- Optimal balance of incentives and liability for corporate managers and financial market intermediaries
- Impact of relative performance measures on corporate performance and financial system stability
- Effective approaches to improve corporate governance standards and practices in emerging markets

As a practitioner with an academic bent, I am interested in helping to strengthen the bridge between academic thinking and real-world practice in the areas of corporate governance and capital market regulation, with a view to improving corporate and capital market practices, policymaking, and academic research and teaching.

External activities

  • Build Africa – member of Board of Trustees (2010 - present)
  • OECD – member of Latin American Task Force on Related Party Transactions (2012 – present)
  • Aspen Institute – member of Strategic Advisory Council for Prize Competition Design (2012 – present)
  • National Association of Pension Funds (UK) – member of Shareholders Affairs Committee (2010 – present)
  • Global Corporate Governance Forum of the World Bank Group – member of Private Sector Advisory Group (2008 – present)
  • Eumedion (Netherlands) – member of Investment Committee (2007 – 2013)
  • International Corporate Governance Network – Chairman of Shareholder Responsibilities Committee (2008 – 2010)
  • Association of British Insurers – member of Investment Committee (2007 – 2009)
  • House of Commons testimony on The Kay Review of UK Equity Markets and Long-Term Decision Making, February 2013 (available online here)


Corporate Governance LL435 (guest teacher)

Northwestern University, School of Law: International Corporate Governance (2007 – present)

University of Cambridge, Programme for Sustainability Leadership: Economics of Climate Change (2010)

Keio University, Graduate School of Economics: Lecture Series on European and Asian Economics (2011)(guest lecturer)