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CercleS 2012
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Conference Theme

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The LSE Language Centre is delighted to be hosting the 12th CercleS Conference| between 6 - 8 September 2012.

The Conference will bring together teachers and researchers from Language Centres, Departments, Institutions, Faculties and Schools in higher education whose main responsibility is the teaching of language.

The general theme of the Conference is:

University Language Centres: Going for Gold – Overcoming Hurdles

The Conference will welcome submissions addressing the above general theme and the following sub-themes:

1: Methodology: “Racing ahead: New ways to teaching and learning languages”

  • needs analysis
  • task-based language teaching & learning

2: Testing: “Crossing the finishing line: New ways to testing?”

  • standardized vs. personalised testing
  • specificities of university language testing

3: Translation, Mediation & Interpreting: “Passing the baton: New technology, new approaches”

4: Innovation: “Kitting yourself out: New technology, new approaches to teaching and learning”

  • which tools serve our needs best?

5: Quality: “Raising the bar: Quality procedures in teaching, learning & testing; QCM in LC management”

  • QCM procedures, criteria / standards

6: Competences: “Staying on form: The competence of the learner, the competence of the teacher, the competence of Language Centre staff”

  • selecting teachers/staff
  • professional development

7: Management: “Setting the goals: Managing diversity, managing change, setting goals”

  • diversity
  • change
  • staffing

8: Plurilingualism: “Maximising potential: Enhancing language diversity of all language groups, optimising linguistic potential”

  • language diversity
  • more than English
  • L1/L2 potential when learning foreign languages

Submissions are invited both for paper and poster presentations.

The official languages of the conference are: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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