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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions applying to all Language Centre programmes

  • To take a course at the Centre you must normally be aged 18 or over at the start date
  • We do not accept payments in instalments nor deposits. All programmes or courses must be paid for in full
  • If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a course is cancelled you will receive a full refund of course fees
  • We reserve the right to cancel courses that fail to meet the minimum recruitment level before commencement. A full refund will be made in such circumstances
  • If you wish to withdraw from a course you must do so in writing at least ten working days before its start date in order to qualify for a full refund
  • Any individual wishing to withdraw from a programme of study after its start date will not normally qualify for any refund (except if you are an LSE student who experiences a timetable change to their degree course schedule and we cannot offer you an alternative time for your MFL Certificate Course class)
  • On production of a receipt any refund due will be will be returned using the method used for the initial payment
  • We reserve the right to change any times/dates/content listed

Terms and conditions applying to all full time English for Academic Purposes programmes

  • The Application fee for Foundation Programmes is non-refundable and a photograph must accompany your application along with a statement of interest and copies of any language certificates you mention. We cannot process it otherwise
  • Any combination of the modules LN901, LN902 and LN903 when booked at the same time constitute a programme of study. A student wishing to withdraw from such a course must do so in writing at least one month before its start date in order to qualify for a full refund
  • LN905 and LN906 are not consecutive programmes
  • Unfortunately for all our full time courses we cannot guarantee LSE Accommodation. Those of you taking LN905, LN909, LN906 and LN907 can apply for LSE Vacation Accommodation. Those taking LN901, LN902, LN903 can get information on what is available to you from the LSE Accommodation Office

Terms and conditions applying to all Additional Services

  • LSE Alumni are entitled to a 20% discount on 1-2-1 tuition.
  • We cannot guarantee that we can undertake anything requested. This depends on availability of staff
  • We cannot guarantee that the work will be done within the required timeframe, however every effort will be made to do so providing that sufficient notice is given
  • All authentication work undertaken comes with a signed covering letter by the member of staff who undertook the work
  • If you are applying to LSE and need any documents translated and/or authenticated then the LSE rate is applicable
  • For purposes of calculating fees for authentication, documents will be classed as individual documents at our discretion. For example, a two page transcript plus certificate will be considered one document. However, longer transcripts may be divided into separate academic years.
  • Translations are charged per word of the translated document. A minimum of £25.00 may be charged
  • All tuition should be paid for in advance (if this is on going a payment schedule can be arranged)
  • For services other than tuition, where the total estimated cost will exceed £250.00 you may be asked for a deposit
  • On completion you will be contacted and asked to pay the balance due before collecting any materials
  • In order to ascertain your exact requirements we may ask you to meet with the member of staff who will undertake the work to finalise cost/timeframe
  • A timesheet will be signed by teacher and client as a record of the programme
  • An initial 'needs analysis' is essential for tuition to ascertain the 'level’ and after this assessment a quote will be given
  • An Internal Charge can be raised for LSE units
  • Cancellations less than 48 hours before a scheduled class or 72 hours before a piece of work will be completed will be charged at the full rate
  • A tuition programme should be completed within the timeframe outlined on the Acceptance Form. Classes not completed within this timeframe will be considered late cancellations unless otherwise agreed in writing
  • Group tuition is based on a maximum class size depending on language and level. Following the needs analysis this will be reflected in the estimate
  • 'Quick Language Assessment’: We can either use a pro forma from your college (or place you are applying to study at) or we can give you a Covering Letter which states our opinion of your Language Skills, using the Council of Europe Assessment Profiles

These Terms and Conditions are not exhaustive, specific conditions not mentioned here may be applicable to a specific programme, course or service but these will be clear on any web information, receipt, information booklet or application form.