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Guernica (historical event and painting)

Eva Bosch´s Talk in The Nature of the Beast by Goshka Macuga


Please remember you can print off the Materials for Eva Bosch´s Talk|. This will help you to follow the talk more accurately.

25 November 2009, Whitechapel Gallery

London-based Polish artist Goshka Macuga is widely acclaimed for her sculptural installations of historic objects and documents. Creating complex networks of reference they are poignant reminders of the profound relation between aesthetics and politics. For this particular installation Macuga has created a unique venue for public gatherings referencing a key moment in the Whitechapel Gallery's| history.

In 1939 the Gallery hosted Picasso's Guernica, an outcry against Fascist war atrocities, to drum up support for the Republican forces fighting in Spain.

In 1955 Nelson Rockefeller commissioned a life-size tapestry of Picasso's painting.

Some thirty years later this was lent to the United Nations Headquarters in New York where it has hung ever since outside the Security Council. Offered as a deterrent to war, in 2003 the tapestry was covered by a blue curtain in front of which Colin Powell delivered his fateful speech on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

The room, at the Gallery, has been designed to accommodate meetings, discussions and debates around a central table, with Guernica once again as a backdrop. Groups are invited to organise these events free of charge during opening hours.

The Spanish section at LSE organised a talk in the room on 25 November 2009 with the Spanish artist Eva Bosch| who presented to the students some of the insights about the creation of the Guernica painting.

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