6th London Spanish Film Festival

The Spanish in Motion| team, within the project Splash into Spanish, has prepared a set of language activities linked to the 6th annual London Spanish Film Festival|.

Activities information:

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  • ALL activities include instructions and answers to the exercises
  • Most activities can be used for the classroom and for self-study

Celebrating Spanish Cinema

24 September - 7 October, Ciné Lumière at the Institut Français

The 6th annual London Spanish Film Festival| launches 24 September – 7 October with a phenomenal line-up of films. Bringing together numerous UK premières, the festival will once again offer audiences a unique opportunity to view the most talked about Spanish cinema unseen here in London.

General Section

Opening the festival is Daniel Monzón's gripping prison drama Celda 211 (Cell 211), which swept the boards at the Goya Awards 2010, winning notably Best Film. Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Julio Medem's (Lovers of the Artic Circle, Sex and Lucía) first film in English Room in Rome (Habitación en Roma) will close the festival.

Present to discuss his latest film Io, Don Giovanni, award-winning director Carlos Saura will share his passion for filmmaking, in particular his more recent fascination with music. We'll also have the pleasure of screening the latest film by latin-jazz lover, Fernando Trueba, who has joined forces with Catalan designer Javier Mariscal in his first animation film, Chico and Rita, a love story set in Havana.

Activity 1: Profesiones en el cine|

  • Vocabulary
  • Level: B1-B2
  • Classroom/Self-study

Activity 2: “¿Ayudas al cine? ¡Corten!”|

  • Reading comprehension/Vocabulary
  • Level: C1-C2
  • Classroom/Self-study

Activity 3: Celda 211: sinopsis y tráiler|

  • Reading comprehension/Audiovisual comprehension
  • Level: C1-C2
  • Classroom/Self-study

Catalan and Basque Window

Activity 4: Mapa de las Comunidades Autónomas españolas|

  • Reading comprehension
  • Level: A2-B1
  • Classroom/Self-study

Catalan cinema is represented by eight UK premières including Family Strip, directed by Luis Miñarro (also producer on the recent Cannes Palme d'Or winner Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives) and Circuit directed by Xavier Ribera.

Activity 5: Programa de películas catalanas| (Audio|)

  • Audio comprehension
  • Level: A2-B1
  • Classroom/Self-study

In the Basque strand Oskar Tejedor's documentary Balenciaga explores the life and extensive career of this Basque-born designer featuring interviews with couturiers who worked with him, such as Givenchy and Emanuel Ungaro, whereas Aitor Mazo's La máquina de pintar nubes (The Cloud Painting Machine) is set in the political tumultuous summer of 1974, with the end of Franco's dictatorship as a backdrop.

Activity 6: Balenciaga|

  • Reading comprehension/Oral expression/Written expression
  • Level: A2-C2
  • Only classroom

Actividad 7: “Debate lingüístico en la gran pantalla”|

  • Reading comprehension/Vocabulary
  • Level: B1-B2
  • Classroom/Self-study


The documentary form is strongly represented this year with Arantxa Aguirre's homage to choreographer Gil Roman (El esfuerzo y el ánimo, Of Heart and Courage), Elisabet Cabeza and Esteve Riambau's investigation into the world of acting Màscares (Masks) and Jo Sol's thought-provoking look at the issues of identity and sexuality (Fake Orgasm) amongst others.

A round-table on the subject of acting will be organised at the Institut français with actor José María Pou and actress Candela Peña present and an exhibition of Spanish actors portraits will be held at Iberica restaurant.

Special feature: Maribel Verdú

This year's special feature is dedicated to Maribel Verdú, an actress who, despite her young age, has had one of the longest and most solid acting careers in Spain. She recently starred in Francis Ford Coppola's film Tetro, and will also be familiar to UK audiences for her roles in El laberinto del fauno (Pan's Labyrinth) and Y tu mamá también (And Your Mother Too), all of which will be shown during the festival.

Actividad 8: Música en Siete mesas de billar francés|

  • Reading comprehension/Vocabulary/Oral expression/Audiovisual comprehension
  • Level: B1-C2
  • Classroom/Self-study

The Festival will also pay a small homage to Spanish writer and activist Jorge Semprún, one of Spain and France's most respected intellectuals. Semprún will be present to introduce Z (Costa Gavras, 1969), for which he co-wrote the script with Costa Gavras and for a talk with Professor Paul Preston (LSE/Cañada Blanch).

Last but not least, industry meetings will take place within the frame of the festival, during which Spanish sales agents/producers and British distributors will be able to explore and discuss Spanish film distribution in the UK. (Joana Granero, Director of the London Spanish Film Festival|)