5th London Spanish Film Festival

18 September-3 October 2009, Ciné Lumière at the Institut Français

The London Spanish Film Festival| is delighted to present, once again, a selection of some of the best Spanish films from last year. The line-up includes Fesser's controversial Camino, the big winner at the last Goya Awards and the last film directed by Agustín Díaz Yanes, Sólo quiero caminar, a director who we know, and welcome back for his successful feature Alatriste. As usual, the London Spanish Film Festival |have also paid special attention to films by emerging talents (Un novio para Yasmina, Myna se va, La noche que dejó de llover). Vampir cuadecuc, an avant-garde film made in 1970 by producer and experimental filmmaker Pere Portabella, also features exceptionally in the selection as this film was in fact first shown on Spanish screens in 2008.

There are also films from Galicia and the Basque Country, and a small "Catalan Focus" that will culminate with a round table focusing on the theme of "collective memory", something that has haunted Spanish cinema for many years but, more prominently, during the last few years.

This year's special feature will be dedicated to one of the most fascinating Spanish actresses, Angela Molina, focusing on a small selection of her long and remarkable career, which spans over 100 films. We have included a special screening of Almodóvar's latest film Los abrazos rotos preceded by his short La concejala antropófaga.

And finally, to celebrate the festival's fifth year and Spanish cinema as a whole, Pedro Almodóvar has personally selected five films that, in some way, he has found particularly inspirational. (Joana Granero, Director of the London Spanish Film Festival|)

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