26 January 2010


Prototype for a good emigration by the visual artist Josep Maria Martín (Prototipo para una buena emigración, 25”, 2005. In Spanish)

Bienvenidos a Tijana: video-interview with Claudia Sandoval




26 January 2010; 18:30-20:30

D502, Clement House, LSE, Houghton Street, WC2A 2AE

In the documentary, Josep-Maria tells about a project he carried out within InSite_05, an artistic event developed in the complex context between San Diego, USA and Tijuana, Mexico, in the border between the two countries. The InSite_05 organization invited international artists, among them Josep Maria Martín, to create specific projects for that zone. The invitation to participate in the exhibition made him to reflect on the south to north migration. His Prototype for a good emigration was censured and the organization decided to withdraw it because “there was a risk of encouraging illegal migration”.


Josep-Maria Martín’s artistic projects have been focused on the use of art to create new strategies of intervention in some social structures which appear well consolidated in modern societies but which are not entirely free of cracks. He questions and criticizes, in a subjective and reflexive way, the reality in which he decides to work.

After the film, there will be a Q/A session with Josep Maria Martín.


For more information about his work please see www.josep-mariamartin.com|.


This screening is organised jointly with the LSE Arts/Talking Pictures.


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