Spanish Projects

Spanish in Motion

The aim of Spanish in Motion, a project of the Spanish section of the LSE Language Centre, is to develop the teaching of Spanish language for social, political and economic science through documentary cinema or documentary-like films. Further, to develop students´ linguistic competence and their understanding of Spanish speaking societies and finally to share interests, activities and research with other teachers of Spanish as a foreign language.

An article on this project, Spanish in Motion: un proyecto de acceso a la realidad sociocultural hispana by Lourdes Hernández-Martín, Rafael Peñas-Cruz & Roser Martinez-Sánchez was published in November 2011. The paper was presented within the I Encuentro de Profesores de Centros de Lenguas y Centros Formadores de ELE de Londres, June 2011.

LSE-Valencia University Exchange Project

Virtual Exchange

The Spanish section (LSE Language Centre) and the Faculty of Economics at the University of Valencia have established a model for an interdisciplinary collaborative partnership where the exchange of participants’ knowledge and experience is done through a first or second language, or both, using virtual learning environments (VLE) and short study trips.

A Pinhole Exhibition: Tinned Cities/Ciudades Enlatadas

A pinhole exhibition: tinned cities/ciudades enlatadas is a multidisciplinary project integrating art, marketing research and Spanish language for social sciences.The project will be integrated in the academic year 2009-10 into:


An article on this project, Pictures, Teaching, Marketing and Languages: Results of an Innovative Learning Project Based on Pinhole Photography  by  Cuadrado-García, Lourdes Hernández-Martín, L., M., Montoro Pons, Juan D. and Ruiz-Molina, M. E.: appeared in ESA Research Network Sociology of Culture Midterm Conference: Culture and the Making of Worlds, October 2010.

Spanish Speaking Club in Second Life

The Spanish section piloted in January 2009 a 3D Virtual Spanish Speaking Club in Second Life. This was a successful pilot and the club is now established. The purpose of this club is to take advantage of the vast opportunities 3D virtual worlds offer in generating realistic, immersive and situational learning. Students of Spanish are able to act and speak in generated situations difficult to recreate in an on campus environment. The project promotes active learning practices such as simulation and role play that draw students into using the language actively. The use of virtual worlds gives the opportunity of integrating web 2.0 tools that students already use in their lives off campus thereby integrating informal learning practices into their on campus learning experience. The project prepares students in the use of emerging technologies that are ubiquitous in the working world. The Club is based on LSE's Castor's Island.

A Global Simulation: An NGO in Latin America

The Spanish section developed the Global Simulation “An NGO in Latin America”, within the Explics project.

An NGO in Latin America is a global simulation which allows students to create a London based NGO focusing in Latin American projects. Part of the EXPLICS Project it targets students of Spanish as a Foreign Language (level B1 CEFR). The simulation project takes an average of 40 hours.


Through An NGO in Latin America students develop skills that can later be applied to different academic and professional contexts. They also explore the social and economic reality of Latin America, acquiring a more profound knowledge of different issues related to this particular area. They also learn to reflect on the nature of one of the most important agents in modern societies: the NGOs.

The simulation was used during 2008-09 as part of the 3D Virtual Spanish Speaking Club in Second Life and is currently used in LN122 Spanish Language and Society (Intermediate).

An article on this project, El uso de simulaciones globales: Una ONG en América Latina  by Mercedes CocaLourdes Hernández-Martín & Rafael Peñas-Cruz was published in November 2011. The paper was presented within the I Encuentro de Profesores de Centros de Lenguas y Centros Formadores de ELE de Londres, June 2011.

Splash into Spanish

Splash into Spanish is a set of language activities created by the Spanish in Motion team linked to cultural events (cinema, exhibitions, concerts etc.). Our aim is to provide learners of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE) with engaging and meaningful tasks in order to enhance their understanding of these events.




Spanish in Motion



Splash into Spanish