Russian Projects


Russian Language on the Web (RUSLANG)| is a multimedia web based language learning resource developed in conjunction with the University of Sussex.

The aim is for studients to learn Russian through a multimedia study experience of classic Russian literature by critically exploring the works of Pushkin, Gogol, Tolstoy and Blok, each presented in their historical context.

The aim for users to enjoy learning Russian literature and language through reading texts, listening to and repeating spoken Russian, watching video discussions and challenging themselves through interactive exercises.

Michel Thomas and learning Rusiaan

Natasha Bershadski| (Language Teacher Russian) is leading the development of the Michel Thomas method for learning Russian, and has already published 10 Course-modules on this subject|.

With Thomas's method, the teacher cautions students to avoid making notes and to refrain from making conscious attempts to memorise, promising that the teacher will "be taking full responsibility" for their learning. Thomas stated that keeping the students relaxed, focused, and stretched with a feeling of mounting successful achievement lies at the heart of the method. The removal of the stress and anxiety of 'being put on the spot' of conventional language learning, especially school language learning, is a key advantage of the method.

Moving along at a relaxed, slow pace, punctuated by amusing anecdotes and jokes from the teacher, the new words, phrases and language rules are gently introduced and reinforced through subtle repetition without ever being tedious. In fact, despite a distinct emphasis on non-work, the course proves very effective and enjoyable, and its format is ideal for learning anywhere you like. So, if you only want to learn to speak the language, this course is highly recommended.

Russian Dolls