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Current Affairs in Mandarin

This is a jointly funded project by the Centre for Learning Technology| and the Language Centre in order to promote Mandarin learning for social science purposes. The project aims to support LSE students to produce talk shows in Mandarin in relation to current affairs in today’s world. In the academic year 2011/12, ten videos will be produced.

Each video clip will focus on a global event or a piece of news at the heart of the media. It encourages language learning outside the classroom and the up to date feature of the language involved goes beyond what traditional textbooks can ever offer.

During the 15 minutes talk show, the audience will be introduced to key words related to the chosen topic and how to use them in a meaningful context. This will be followed by a lively discussion, in Mandarin, by LSE students.

The recorded talk shows will be broadcasted on Moodle as well as the LSE Youtube channel.

This project has now been fully integrated in the LN104 Advanced Mandarin and Society Course| as part of the continuous assessment element. The project has also been presented and shared at a few international conferences, such as TLCSL 2013| in Taiwan and INTED2015| in Madrid, Spain.

If you are interested in getting involved in the project please see this invitation| from Dr Catherine Xiang|.


Download: Video|

This video is an example video of the project. Dr Catherine Xiang| talks to students Lin Jing and Yang Di.

The full series can be found on the LSE YouTube channel|.

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