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2009 LSE Literary Festival

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Shaw and the Bolsheviks

As part of the LSE Literary Week students studying on the LSE undergraduate literature courses, offered by the LSE Language Centre are presenting an evening devoted to George Bernard Shaw’s earliest known response to the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Annajanska, the Bolshevik Empress is a rarely performed one act play which Shaw wrote within weeks of the Revolution.

The evening will be completed by readings from both contemporary Russian poetry and song and responses from fellow Fabian H G Wells (the first writer to arrive in person in the new Soviet state, in 1918), and also the correspondence between Shaw and Maynard Keynes relating to the Soviet experiment.

The event will take place, fittingly, in the Shaw Library, Old Building on Wednesday, 25th February at 6.30pm

Entrance is free, and there will be a wine reception after the event.

Old Building