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Wittgenstein – Philosophy and Photography

Two important Wittgenstein exhibitions: “Wittgenstein and Cambridge” and “Wittgenstein and Photography” (first shown at Clare Hall and at PandIS, the Photographic and Illustration Service of Cambridge University) will come to LSE in May and June 2012|.

The exhibition will be of interest not only to students and researchers from a wide range of disciplines, at universities as well as schools and colleges, but also to anybody interested in learning about Wittgenstein through his own writings and photographs, and through correspondence about him. Alongside the exhibition panels, 12 original screen prints by Eduardo Paolozzi, influenced by Wittgenstein will be on display and visitors will be provided with catalogues and a flipbook based on Wittgenstein’s own photographs as well as a drawing. The exhibition will run from Monday 28 May 2012 till Friday 29 June 2012 and will close with a presentation by Dr Michael Nedo, the director of the Wittgenstein Archive Cambridge.

Wittgenstein had a keen interest in photography. He not only composed a photo album depicting his life, but also experimented with this medium. Pictures, images and photography as such all feature in his works. The picture shown here for example, is a construct, a composite from individual images of his three sisters and himself to illustrate his idea of “Familienähnlichkeit”, his concept of family resemblance.

The exhibition presents pictures taken by Wittgenstein, pictures from his photo album, as well as pictures taken by friends and relatives. They are illuminated by quotations from Wittgenstein’s writings and from his correspondence with his Cambridge friends, colleagues and his family.

This exhibition is in association with LSE Arts.

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