Science Po Summer Schools

Science Po are pleased to announce that they have relaunched their Language Summer School.

This year is a very special with two exceptional programmes, one hosted at their Paris campus and the other located at their  Menton campus.

French applied to Social Sciences Programme, Paris

  • a 74 hour programme of French, at beginners’ level with small-sized classes and individual tutorials
  • or an 84 hour programme of French, intermediate and advanced levels, with rigorous language practice through theatre, workshops and classes about French history and institutional frameworks.
  • Admission will be on a first come first served basis.
  • Places are limited (up to 50 students).

Language Summer Programme, Menton

  • A 3 week programme at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels, with 48 hours of classes.

More information is available on their website:|

Should you need further information, doot hesitate to contact:|.

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