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Step 1

Please make sure you have reviewed the relevant online course choice guide and that you are happy with your choice of course. Please remember our registration start dates.

Step 2

Pick the time of the class that you want (students: please try and find out when your core courses are taking place before completing registration to avoid clashes). Have a look at the MFL Certificate Course: Teaching Timetable (remember you'll need to select the appropriate module code which for Language Centre courses begins LN and also the class number). You can also follow this link to the Language Centre Registrations page to check availability for this class.

Step 3

Then to complete your registration come to the Language Centre Reception on the Ground Floor of 20 Kingsway (Monday-Thursday 09:30-18:30 or Fridays 09:30-17:00) to sign up and pay. We will give you a Registration Form to do this.

Step 4

You keep the Registration Form as it has information on the programme and also acts as your receipt (along with any transaction advice if you pay by credit or debit card). Please also take note of the Frequently Asked Questions section which has lots of useful information.

Non-current LSE members

  • We are obliged to check if you are eligible to study in the UK.
  • Therefore, if you are not a current LSE student or LSE member of staff who is able to show a valid and current university ID you will need to bring proof of this eligibility with you when you come to complete your registration.
  • For EU citizens this will mean your passport or national identity card. For anyone else you will need to bring your passport with a valid visa showing eligibility to study for the FULL duration of the course.
  • You will need to show this proof when you come to complete your registration.
  • We will not be able to register you without this proof.
  • Please check what documents you might need to register for a course depending on your status.