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LN252 Contemporary Literature and Global Society


These literature courses available for LSE undergraduates as outside options focus on twentieth and twenty first century literature in the context of social and political change in the period. They will give you the opportunity to consider texts (prose fiction, poetry and drama) often in the light of your major subject at LSE. We look at literature as an index of social change. In addition to study of texts in class we also arrange frequent trips to related plays and exhibitions over the course of the year, while also using video and other media in teaching. Assessment for all these courses LN250, LN251, LN252 and LN253 is by examination (75%) and extended coursework essay (25%).

If you have a keen interest in Contemporary Literature and wish to study how it fits into the framework of Global Society and Politics, you should consider this undergraduate degree option taught by Dr Angus Wrenn| and Dr Olga Sobolev|.


The new course will focus on work by contemporary authors which is published in English but reflects the increasingly global nature of multicultural society and will also highlight the change in the geopolitical order since the Velvet Revolution of 1989. Taking art as an index of social change, the course will explore the role of literature in the media-driven society, the concept of cultural imperialism and alienation in the post-totalitarian context and literature transcending national frameworks. The Authors in question include Mohsin Hamid, Monica Ali, Victor Pelevin, Milan Kundera, André Makine,Tom Stoppard. Register early for via LSE for You |for this option to avoid disappointment!

Indicative content

  • Study of contemporary world literature in the context of modern globalised society
  • Study of major cultural themes e.g. cultural imperialism; art as an index of social change and its role in the media-driven society of the modern world; individualism and alienation in the post colonial and post-totalitarian context; study of individual authors with a global identity
  • Critical appreciation of literature and the elements of style in prose, poetry and drama
  • Extensive use of archive recordings of authors, and video; students encouraged to draw upon background in their main discipline
  • Development of transferable skills through the design, management, presentation and discussion of an original research project (3,000 words)
  • LN252 Contemporary Literature and Global Society (Official Course Guide)
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