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Tandem Learning on Facebook

Would you like to practise the language you're learning by meeting regularly with a native speaker? The Tandem Learning Programme is a great way to supplement your language learning. It is free of charge and you can benefit whatever your language level.

We also hold regular Language Exchange events.

Join our facebook groups| (restricted to current LSE members) in order to:  

  • Keep updated on Language events, including our Tandem Learning Evenings!
  • Post a request to find a Language Buddy on the Tandem Group pages
  • Have discussions with other students and native speakers
  • Propose and organise activities with other language students!
  • Take advantage of Tandem Learning even if you have not yet found a buddy!

Don't forget to join both your native language group and the group of the language you are learning:

Once you have found a 'buddy' make sure you look through our useful tips and suggestions for tandem learning|

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Tandem Learning