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Tandem Learning on Facebook

Would you like to practise the language you're learning by meeting regularly with a native speaker? The Tandem Learning Programme is a great way to supplement your language learning. It is free of charge and you can benefit whatever your language level.

We also hold regular Language Exchange events: book your place here|.

Join our Facebook groups below (restricted to current LSE members) in order to:  

  • Keep updated on Language events, including our Tandem Learning Evenings!
  • Post a request to find a Language Buddy on the Tandem Group pages
  • Have discussions with other students and native speakers
  • Propose and organise activities with other language students
  • Take advantage of Tandem Learning even if you have not yet found a buddy!

Don't forget to join both your native language group and the group of the language you are learning:

Once you have found a 'buddy' make sure you look through our useful tips and suggestions for tandem learning|

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