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Tandem Learning

Would you like to practise the language you're learning by meeting regularly with a native speaker?

The Tandem Learning Programme is a great way to supplement your language learning. It is free of charge and you can benefit whatever your language level.

Find a buddy to exchange Language practice! Sign up to Tandem on Moodle(Only available to LSE members and students taking Certificate courses).

Useful tips and suggestions for tandem learning

Once you have a tandem learning buddy it is up to you how you work together, but here are a few pointers:

  • Meet up regularly (Study Area of the Language Centre would be a good place!)
  • Plan your meetings. You can do this during your first meeting by listing your aims, needs and the topics you both want to cover
  • Divide the time equally between both languages
  • Keep a record of what you cover during each meeting

If you are uncertain of how to approach your studying:

  • You can base your meetings around a course book that you are using
  • You might want to concentrate on a particular topic so that you can expand your vocabulary in that area
  • You could focus on different skills each time you meet (listening, speaking, writing, reading)
  • You can always ask the staff at the Language Centre for advice on what to do, materials to use etc.


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