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EAP Insessional Support Programme

When you begin your studies we will still be on hand to give you advice and support throughout your time at LSE. This support is free and starts as soon as your course does!

Every student who needs support should register for their Academic cluster as soon as they can. These support classes are complemented throughout the year in a variety of ways.

What kind of Insessional support is available?

To allow us to deliver this programme of support most effectively we have divided Departments into 'academic clusters' (see tables below).

Academic Writing and Communication Skills

Every student, we recommend will benefit from support, should register for weekly classes, appropriate to them, covering all the aspects of Academic Writing and/or Academic Communication Skills they will need, specific to their Department, during their studies at LSE.

To find out more follow the link below for your Department. You can sign up for both or just one of the Academic Writing and Academic Communication Skills programmes for your Department.

Academic Clusters



Departmental Cluster

EAP Tutor



Economic History; European Institute; Government; International Relations; International History|

Gemma Stansfield|




Michael McGarvey|



Accounting; Economics; Finance; Mathematics; Statistics|

Christopher Sciberras|



Media and Communications; Social Psychology|

Jim Pavitt|



Geography and Environment; International Development; Philosophy; Logic and Scientific Method|

Simon Roberts|



Anthropology; Gender Institute; Social Policy; Sociology|

Gwyneth James|



Management (Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour; Managerial Economics and Strategy)|

Andrew Mitchell|



Management (Information Systems and Innovation; Management Science); Methodology|

Andrew Mitchell|

LN989 Exam Writing Skills

LN989 Exam Writing Skills| classes are run in the Summer Term and sign up for these sessions will open on the first day of the Summer Term. To sign up for a sessions please use the LSE Training and Development system|.

Thesis Writing

If you are a PhD student we have a course LN988 Thesis Writing|. Come to the Language Centre Enquiries & Study Area, Floor 7 Clare Market Building to sign up for this course.

What else is there?

If English is you first language or you feel you have no real problems with your English for Academic Purposes there are two further options available to you. We may recommend that you will not benefit from our Insessional Support programme and should follow the Study Skills Programme| instead which provides support for all LSE students. A full programme listing is available on the LSE Teaching Timetable| listed under 'Study Skills'.

If all you need is proofreading, have a look at our Additional Services|. There is an online form to fill in to submit your work, alternatively come the Language Centre Reception to discuss your needs. We always give you an estimate of the time it will take to complete the task (on average 7 working days) and you must agree to the estimated price before work is started.

Though we hope to help everyone within our allocated budget, there may be times when either individuals or small groups would like some additional tailored support. This we can organise at advantageous rates for members of the LSE on either a group or individual basis. Please submit your Enquiry and Needs Analysis Information to enable us to see what we can do to help or come to the Language Centre Reception to enquire. Fees apply (special rates for current LSE students) to all Additional Services.

Language Learning Support

Please do not forget that there are members of staff always available to help with any enquiries with regards to improving any aspect of your language skills. See Language Learning Support| for further details.

LSE's Personal Development Aide Memoire - PDAM

A way for undergraduates to track activities and skills.

LSE's Personal Development Aide Memoire - PDAM| - allows you to build a personalised record of the extra-curricular activities (including these language courses) you undertake during your time at LSE. A completed PDAM will enable you to provide information and evidence about how these activities have helped you develop skills in areas such as team working and communication, making it a useful reference for job applications, interviews and networking.