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English for Teaching Purposes (at LSE)

LN998 language classes for Graduate Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows/Staff in which we develop and perfect classroom language skills.

The English for Teaching Purposes course runs in Michaelmas and Lent terms, with a particular focus on the practical application of the following;

  • Pronunciation; Accuracy, Pausing strategies, Stress timing, Intonation
  • Use of Voice; Pace, Speech projection and volume
  • Classroom Language; Register, Appropriacy, Phrasing
  • Teaching Focused Language; Adaptability, Interrogative strategies
  • Student centred language, Task related language, Persuasive argumentation
  • One-to-One teacher development programme can be offered alongside these classes
  • Classes are scheduled for one hour, each week, and include time for practice micro-teaching and presentations

If you think this support is for you please feel free to contact Alison Standring Language Co-ordinator (EAP).