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Translation, Quick Assessment and Document Authentication

Other services we offer are Document Authentication, Translation and 'Quick' Assessments. The information on each is below, however, please contact the Language Centre Reception to discuss your requirements on +44(0)20 7955 6713, email languages@lse.ac.uk or in person.

For all these services preferential rates are available to current LSE Members.

Quick Assessment

This is useful for anyone who is applying to universities, going on an exchange programme or applying for jobs and do not have a formal language qualification or have one that is a little out of date. One of our language teachers can assess your level of ability in the target language and provide a reference using the Council of European Framework of Reference for Languages as a benchmarking tool. Please refer to this overview of the Council of Europe Assessment Profiles for more detail.

Document Authentication

Please note this is not a legal service, we are not a Notary Public. What we can do is to confirm that a translated document conforms to the original. This is useful for students who needs an authenticated translation of their degree certificates into English or other such documents usually required for university application.

We can of course also translate the document too, however, you may wish to translate the document yourself and we therefore be able to check and authenticate the document more quickly and at a lower cost.

When you translate a document yourself the minimum charge is the price of an authentication and this is per document.

Please be aware that if a document you have translated requires changes you may incur an additional charge.


We can provide translation in all the languages we teach.


For all of these services please either submit the online form and/or contact the Language Centre Reception to discuss your requirements to see if we are able to help either by telephone on +44(0)20 7955 6713, email languages@lse.ac.uk or in person.

Please note for small pieces of work there may be a minimum charge of £25.00.

Additional Services Rates

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Proofreading (per hour)



Authentication (per document)



Translation (per word)



Quick Assessment












* small group tuition is defined as a maximum of two people