Language Centre governance

Decision making and communication

The Language Centre is part of the Academic and Professional Development Division (APD). This Division combines the strengths of the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC), Language Centre and LSE 100 who work together to help maximise the academic and professional development of staff and students.

Decision making and communication

The Centre has a decision making and communication plan and the decision making and communication: information flow has three main strands.

  • Language Centre staff meeting

  • Director, Deputy Director and Centre Manager meetings

  • Departmental Teaching Committee

Feeding into these are regular working meetings by individual sections and the overall picture can be seen in the decision making and communication: timeline.

Language Centre staff meeting

Mode of operation

  • To communicate developments, decisions and proposals and then outcomes following Annual monitoring

  • To consult and communicate on staff development opportunities

Director, Deputy Director and Centre Manager meetings

Mode of operation

  • To advise the Director and to make decisions on resource allocation, educational provision priorities and strategic direction

Departmental Teaching Committee

Mode of operation

  • To discuss and advise the Director of the Centre in relation to educational provision and planning, review and discuss Centre policy and practice