English for Academic Purposes insessional support programme

When you begin your studies we will still be on hand to give you advice and support throughout your time at LSE

This support is free and starts as soon as your course does. Every student who needs support should register for their Academic cluster as soon as they can. These support classes are complemented throughout the year in a variety of ways.

The courses we offer

What else is there?

Academic english hour

  • Experts in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) are available to provide help or advice on any aspect of your academic English writing, speaking, listening or reading.
  • If you would like to discuss a piece of your writing please bring a laptop or printed copy.
  • This service is available in LSE LIFE on a drop-in basis, details here.

Language learning support

  • Please do not forget that there are members of staff always available to help with any enquiries with regards to improving any aspect of your language skills.
  • See Learning support for further details.

LSE's personal development aide memoire (PDAM)

  • A way for LSE students to track activities and skills. LSE's Personal Development Aide Memoire - PDAM - allows you to build a personalised record of the extra-curricular activities (including these language courses) you undertake during your time at LSE.
  • A completed PDAM will enable you to provide information and evidence about how these activities have helped you develop skills in areas such as team working and communication, making it a useful reference for job applications, interviews and networking.


  • If all you need is proofreading, have a look at our Additional Services.
  • There is an online form to fill in to submit your work, alternatively come the Language Centre Reception to discuss your needs.
  • We always give you an estimate of the time it will take to complete the task (on average 7 working days) and you must agree to the estimated price before work is started.