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How to contact us

Many different areas of the school are involved in your first weeks! Most events are co-ordinated by the Welcome Week Team in the Student Services Centre.



Email: welcomeweek@lse.ac.uk

Tel: 020 7955 6337


Your First Weeks - 2017/18

The Your First Weeks section of our website, is designed to help you navigate the information that you will need to know as a new LSE student, starting in 2017. There is information about Welcome Week, Early Arrivals, Registration and getting ready for life at LSE and in London. There are also links to other key services and processes that you may need to interact with as you start your time at the School. 

Welcome Week is LSE's induction period. It is your opportunity to make friends, learn more about studying at LSE and living in London.  You will be invited to attend a number of events throughout Welcome Week. This year, Welcome Week will run between Monday 18 September and Friday 22 September 2017 (with some activities starting on Friday 15 September). Some MSc students will be exepected to arrive at LSE during August and Early September. There will be a specific programme of events to help you settle in during this time. 

Welcome Week 2016

There are a number of events taking place before Welcome Week kicks off! There is support for students on pre-sessional courses and those arriving early.


Welcome Week 2016

LSE's induction period - this is your oppurtunity to start making friends, learn more about studying and life at LSE before teaching starts.


Where we check your eligibilty to study and when you'll recieve your LSE Card. Details of what you need to bring and when you need to be there.

More about life at LSE, in London and in the UK. Information on transport, discounts, healthcare and more! A great resource for students new to the UK. 

The information in this area of our website is aimed at students from the UK, EU and the rest of the world. In some cases there is specific information available for international students which can be easily accessed.

These pages will be updated and expanded as we get closer to the start of the academic year. In particular look out for the Welcome Guide which will be published in August and event listsings which will appear throughout the summer! 

We hope you find these pages useful and would welcome any feedback that you might have - just email welcomeweek@lse.ac.uk

From everybody across LSE
we warmly welcome you to the school!


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