Early arrivals

LSE hosts a limited number of activities for students who plan to arrive in London prior to Welcome Week (Monday 19 - Friday 23 September). 

These events are intended to help you familiarise yourself with the LSE campus and meet other students who have also chosen to arrive early.

The Welcome Guide

The Welcome Guide 2016 is split into 3 sections and contains information about what to do before, during and after Welcome Week.



The "Before Welcome Week" checklist on page 3 contains items that you can make a head start with if you arrive early and there's also a pre-Welcome Week events schedule on page 4.


The Early Arrivals Welcome Hub

On Friday 2, Friday 9, Wednesday 14 and Friday 16 September, the John Watkins Plaza (outside the library) will be home to our Welcome Hub for Early Arrivals from 10:30am - 2:30pm.

There will be a help-point staffed by experienced members of the Student Services Centre who can give you advice and directions around LSE. They will also be handing out printed versions of a self-guided tour (which will be available to download shortly) so you can start familiarising yourself with the LSE Campus.

The Hub will also be the starting point for the Local History Tours, which is a professional tour around LSE's surroundings. Tim, the tour guide, receives excellent reviews and his tours are extremely popular. Therefore advanced booking is required.

Attend early arrivals events

Local History Tours (various dates and times)

LSE is situated in historic central London and is surrounded by fascinating sites of historical significance. Take part in one of our hour long tours, given by a professional tour guide, which will take you off campus and back in time!

Booking is required. Visit Eventbrite for tour times and to book a place.

Living in the UK Presentation (various dates and times)

This presentation looks at life in the UK, provides tips for living in London and explores “culture shock”. There is also a section about how Tier 4 visa holders can make the most of your studies while remaining complaint with the conditions of your visa.

Booking is required. Visit Eventbrite for event times and to book a place.

Living Off Campus Presentation (various dates and times)

Find out how to make the most of your first year at LSE while not living in an LSE-owned Hall of Residence. These sessions are full of practical tips about how to connect with the LSE community, balance school and home life, and commute using public transport.

Booking is required. Visit Eventbrite for event times and to book a place.

Studying and Thriving at LSE Presentation (various dates and times)

A guide to staying on top of your studies and looking after yourself. This session is led by experienced members of the Student Wellbeing Service and  highlights common challenges in starting at LSE and offer strategies for achieving success. 

Booking is required. Visit Eventbrite for event times and to book a place.

Early Arrivals Showcase (Wednesday 14 September)

Visit the New Academic Plaza between 11am and 2pm to meet some of the key services which will support and enahance your LSE experience.

These same services (and many others) will also be part of the main Student Services Showcase during Welcome Week, but this is your chance to beat the crowds.

No booking required.

Prepare for your studies

 Update your new addresses in LSE for You

You may need to request documentation that proves that you are a student. You won’t be able to get this until after you attend your scheduled registration session but you may be able to get a letter stating that you’re expected to register. These are likely to be available from mid-September, providing you have no outstanding admissions paperwork. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact and permanent addresses are correct in LSE for you. These addresses will be printed onto your confirmation of student status, and it is particularly important that they are correct if you will be applying for Council Tax exemption or opening a bank account. Be careful to list the address you live during term-time (usually in London) as your Contact Address and your address at home (or international address) as the Permanent Address.

Check your documents

Take some time to be certain that you have all of the necessary documentation for registration.

If you are an international student, be sure to also read the registration information for  international students.

Think about opening a student bank account

Please read through the online information about opening a student bank account to learn more about the process for opening a bank account and talk to your chosen bank directly to confirm what you will need.

If you want to open a new bank account, you may be required to set up an appointment with your chosen bank, particularly if you are opening an account in the UK for the first time. Since you're here early, you could beat the Welcome Week rush and schedule your appointment now.

Some banks will require a letter of introduction from LSE in order for you to open an account.  If you have an unconditional offer, LSE can provide a letter stating that you are “expected to register”. However, some banks may not accept a letter that has been printed before you register.  Find out the requirements for your bank of choice on the "Local bank branches" tab on the student banking webpage.

Start reading

If you have some time on your hands, why not get a head start on your reading? Contact your academic department directly to find out if they can offer a reading list. 

Useful things to know


Unless you are registering early as part of a compulsory pre-sessional course, you will need to wait for your designated registration date.

Student bank accounts and travel discounts

You may be able to set up a bank account prior to registration, however some tasks, such as securing student discounts on travel cards cannot be done until after you have registered as a student.

Council Tax exemption

Please be aware that if you choose to arrive early you may be liable to pay Council Tax for that period until your official registration date.