The Students' Union

The LSE Students' Union exists to promote welfare, the interests and corporate life of the students of the School and their common interests with the general student community as such. The Union has two roles:

  • To support and advise students during their university life and to represent students to both the School and external bodies on student-related and wider issues.
  • A social function: the Union runs three bars, a shop and a café, and puts on regular entertainments. In addition there are over 150 societies catering for numerous nationalities, interests and political persuasions. The Union also runs:
    • a copy shop
    • a state of the art fitness centre
    • a weekly newspaper
    • a campus radio station
    • a termly opinion journal
    • a TV station

Opportunities for recreational and competitive sports are available through the Athletics' Union.


All full-time students are automatically members of the LSE Students' Union (LSESU). LSESU is affiliated to the University of London Union (ULU) and the National Union of Students (NUS) and so LSE students can also register for membership rights within these organisations. ULU is in Malet Street, ten minutes walk from LSE, and has an excellent range of social and sporting facilities including a swimming pool.

Opting out of SU membership

Students have a statutory right to not be members of the Union. and will not be unfairly disadvantaged in the provision of services or otherwise, by reason of their doing so. The Union Shop, the café and the Student Travel service are open to all students of the School. However, non-members of LSESU cannot be members of Union societies and it is not practicable for the School to offer alternatives.

No rebate will be made to students who opt out.

Non-members are allowed to book sports facilities through the Athletics Union (an umbrella society of the Union) but on each occasion have to pay such reasonable fees as the AU determines. Non-members are allowed access to the Students' Union Advice and Counselling Centre if supported by a written request from an authorised member of the LSE Medical Service. Non-members do not have separate membership on School committees.

It is a licensing condition that non-members of the LSESU must be charged an entry fee to the SU bars on nights when they are "open for the purpose of music and dancing". On some nights entry may be restricted to SU members and their bona fide guests only.

LSE SU Services

More information about the LSESU and the Services they offer can be on the LSESU Website.