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Official Documents and Letters

During and after your studies you may need official documents from the School. Please click on the relevant heading below for further information and to request a document.

Bank letters

Some banks ask for documentation from LSE to confirm your registration status so that you can open a bank account. For further details on how to obtain documentation, visit Setting up a bank account| and check the requirements for your bank of choice.

Certificate of Course Choice

The Certificate of Course Choice lists the courses you have chosen for the current academic year. Please follow this link to view an example of the document.


We can provide you with a Certificate of Course Choice:

  • If you have not yet completed your current year of study, or
  • If you have sat exams but are waiting for your results.

If you have already got your results, we can give you an Intermediate Transcript instead|. This will confirm both your course choices and your results.


The letter will take up to three days to produce; we will email you when it is ready.

Please complete the following form to request this document:


  • Delivery Options



Certificate of Registration

You can use a Certificate of Registration to prove that you are a current, registered student at LSE. Please note that new students cannot obtain a Certificate of Registration until after they have registered on their designated Registration| date.


The quickest way to get this document is to visit LSE for You, click on “Certification and Documentation” and follow the directions to print your certificate. You can then bring it to the Student Services Centre during our opening hours| to validate it with a stamp and signature. 


For further details about how to request this document visit Certificate of Registration|. If you require a document that contains additional information, please see “Customised Confirmation of Student Status" below.

Confirmation of Award

Once you have graduated you may be asked to provide evidence of your degree. This letter will confirm your award and degree classification, dates of attendance and the name of the programme you studied. It will also give the contact details for the LSE member of staff who produced it. Please follow this link to view an example Confirmation of Award.


The letter is available only after your results have been approved and released in LSE for You.| The Confirmation of Award letter is not a transcript and therefore does not confirm courses or individual marks. If you require a transcript then please follow this link|.


The letter will take up to three days to be produced; we will email you when it is ready.

Please complete the following form to request this document:


  • Level of Study
  • Delivery Options


Council tax exemption

You may be eligible for a discount or exemption from council tax. See Council Tax| for further information to find out whether you are eligible and how to request the documentation you need for this purpose.

Customised Confirmation of Student Status

We can produce a customised confirmation of student status letter for you if your Certificate of Registration does not contain all of the information you need, for example: 


  • You are a current student and need a letter to confirm specific information regarding the current academic year of study
  • You are a current student and need a Certificate of Registration for a previous year of study
  • You are a former student and need a Certificate of Registration for a previous year of study

We will do our best to provide as much information in your letter as possible, but we can only confirm information held on your student record that we are allowed to release. We will not be able to include:

  • exam and submission dates
  • marks
  • details of academic performance and conduct
  • attendance records

Please follow this link to preview a sample letter.


The letter will take up to three days to produce; we will email you when it is ready. Please complete the following form to request this document:



Transcripts, diploma supplements and replacement degree certificates

For information about how to access your transcript and how to request hard copies of your transcript and diploma supplements, visit Transcripts|. If you have not yet got your results, you should instead request a Certificate of Course Choice (above). 


The School does not issue certified copies of degree certificates, nor does it produce duplicate certificates. In exceptional circumstances, graduands can apply for a replacement degree certificate. See LSE Degree Certificates| for details.

Tuition Fee Receipts

You can ask for a tuition fee receipt and other documents from the Fees Office by completing the Fees Request form|.

Verification requests

Third parties can ask for verification of an LSE graduate’s degree through the Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD) online system. Visit Third party requests for verification of qualifications| for instructions.

Visa Documents

CAS documents

If you need an extension to your Tier 4 visa or if you need a new one, you can ask for a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies). Visit Request a CAS| for more details and for information about how to ask for the document.


Visa Letter for Travelling

You should ask for a visa letter if you need to prove your student status for the purpose of travelling outside the United Kingdom. The letter is addressed to the Embassy of the country you plan to travel to. Please see the ISIS| webpage for further detail regarding immigration.


Please follow this link to preview a sample letter.


The letter can only be used for travel purposes, it cannot be used for a Tier 4 visa or Student Visitor Visa application. Before you plan your trip you will need to attend all teaching during term time. Please see our academic regulations| for further details.


The letter cannot be scanned or emailed as embassies require an original copy only.


The quickest way to obtain this document is to visit the Student Services Centre| during opening hours with your student ID, we will produce for you immediately.


Alternatively, please complete the following form to request this document:



  • The document needs to show your term time and permanent home addresses. Please make sure these are updated in LSE for You at least two hours before submitting your request. If a local address does not appear on your term time address then your document may not be accepted by the relevant embassy.
  • Address confirmation
  • Please provide us with the name of the embassy to which the letter should be addressed, e.g. France