SSC Advice and Reception Team

Who are the Advice and Reception team?

 The Advice and Reception team manages the counter service in the Student Services Centre (SSC).  We are able to help with general enquiries or signpost you to the appropriate department for specialist advice.

The Advice and Reception team are directly responsible for:

The Advice and Reception team work closely with:

We can also signpost visitors towards the Student Recruitment Office, Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions.

Student Services Centre Counter

Please visit the Student Services Centre homepage for opening hours and the SSC Twitter Feed @LSE_SSC for up to date information and advice. Documents can be placed in the drop boxes along the Atrium wall of the SSC outside of opening hours.

Services offered at the SSC counter:

  • Answering of general enquiries relating to a student's own record
  • Answering of basic enquiries from prospective applicants to LSE or signpost to Student Recruitment or the relevant admissions office
  • Authentication of the Certificates of Registration (registered students can print these from LSE for You).
  • Printing Certificates of Registration (for opening a Bank Account, applying for Council Tax exemption, applying for a Schengen visa, etc) and Module Certificates
  • Collection of transcripts and other requested documents
  • Collection of student loan, scholarship and hardship loan cheques
  • Collection of replacement Student ID Cards which have been ordered online
  • Drop-in services for the Fees Office, Financial Support Office, Graduate Admissions Offices and for the International Student Immigration Service (ISIS).

All students must show their LSE ID in order to collect a document or cheque.

Services we are unable to offer at the SSC counter:

  • Administration of NUS Extra and student Oyster cards. These are looked after by the Students' Union in the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre.
  • Production of reference letters. These should normally be requested from your Academic Adviser or supervisor.
  • Advice on housing, council tax or employment. Visit the Students' Union Advice and Support Service in the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre.
  • Certification of non-LSE documents. The Post Office provide certain identity-checking services.
  • We do not give out personal information about any of our students without written authorisation from the student themselves (as per the Data Protection Act 1998, see Data Protection).

What we expect from our students

The Advice and Reception team is committed to offering our students a high-quality service and we will do all we can to help you in a polite and friendly manner. In return we also expect to be treated with respect and courtesy.

If you have a problem that you do not feel has been dealt with correctly, please ask to speak to a manager.