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Who's who in the Student Services Centre


The Registry team| is responsible for creating and maintaining the student record. This includes registering new and continuing undergraduate and taught graduate students onto programmes of study.  The team manages the processes of course selection, course and programme amendment, class allocation and timetable clashes as well as processing approved requests to change mode of study, interrupt and withdraw. 

As well as maintaining the student record, Registry provides students with documentation they have requested such as transcripts, certificates of registration, visa letters and Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) letters. The team also administers the Student Loans Company scheme.

Registry is responsible for processing examination entries and mitigation claims, timetabling and organising the School's main examination period in May and June, implementing approved specific examination arrangements for students who require them on medical/ personal grounds, and for finalising and publishing the results. The team also coordinates the twice yearly presentation ceremonies in July and December.

Contact details: 
Registry queries: registry@lse.ac.uk|, 020 7849 4994

Examination queries: examinations@lse.ac.uk|, 020 7955 7770

Visa queries: registry.visa.queries@lse.ac.uk| 020 7955 7130

Ceremony queries: ceremonies@lse.ac.uk|, 020 7955 7966


Deputy Registry Managers:

Chiara Milani (Visa Compliance and Change of Circumstances)                                          
020 7955 7130                                             

Christopher Hunt (Registration and Examinations)
020 7955 6309    
c.j.hunt@lse.ac.uk  | 

Nicola Foster (Results and Graduation)
020 7955 6620

Advice and Reception team

The Advice and Reception team is a part of the Registry and is available to assist students and other visitors with general queries at the SSC counter.  Where more specialist advice is required, the team will signpost you to the relevant department. The team also administers the Student Mentoring Scheme| and the Repeat Teaching Panel. For SSC opening hours see the SSC Homepage|  

Contact details:

Advice Team: ssc.advice@lse.ac.uk| 020 7955 6167
Repeat Teaching Panel:  ssc.repeatteaching@lse.ac.uk|
LSE Student Mentoring Scheme:  studentmentoring@lse.ac.uk| 020 7955 6337

Deputy Advice Manager: 

Nicola Morgan                                    
020 7955 7849
n.m.morgan@lse.ac.uk  |

Financial Support Office

The Financial Support Office| administers awards and scholarships for both current and prospective students, and advises students experiencing financial hardship. They also offer a daily drop-in advice service for current and prospective students. 

Contact details
Contact the Financial Support Office|
Who's who| in the Financial Support Office

International Student Immigration Service (ISIS) 

The International Student Immigration Service advises overseas applicants, currently registered students and recent graduates on student immigration rules, applying to come to the UK and student visa extension applications in the UK. 

See About ISIS|

Contact details:
Email: ISIS web query form|

Assessment and Regulations

The Assessment and Regulations team administers and advises on examination appeals and cases of misconduct and plagiarism.  The team also deals with student complaints on academic matters and advises on degree and programme regulations.

Contact details:

Martin Johnson

Assessment Regulations & Complaints Officer
020 7955 7894

Research Degrees Unit

The Research Degrees Unit is responsible for the administrative functions relating to the School's research students and research degrees.  Although part of Student Services, the Research Degrees Unit is not based in the Student Services Centre.  They can be found in V600, 6th floor of Tower 2. 

See Research Students| for further information.


The Timetables Office is responsible for the scheduling of all timetabled teaching, the allocation of teaching rooms, providing personal timetables for undergraduate students (which can be found on LSE for You), and maintaining the degree programme regulations for undergraduate on-line course choice.  Although part of Student Services, the Timetables Office is not based in the Student Services Centre.  They are based in AH300, 3rd floor of Aldwych House.  (This building is not accessible to students).

See Timetables| for further information.