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Student Mentoring Scheme

What is a Student Mentor?

Students who do not live in halls of residence can sometimes worry that they will feel out of the loop about things going on around campus.  That's why the Student Mentoring Scheme allocates a trained student mentor to all first year undergraduate and General Course students who will not live in halls of residence. Mentors are students like you, but with more experience of LSE. They are here to help you settle in to your first year. (Our apologies, but the scheme is not available to postgraduate students.)

Your mentor will be available to answer your questions by email before you arrive at LSE and throughout the academic year, in person or by email.

Student mentors are not counsellors or supervisors, so they may not be able to answer questions on academic or legal matters, for example. However, in cases where they cannot answer your question, they can still help by identifying the appropriate service for you to contact.

What is a mentoring group?

Your mentor will be allocated a number of mentees and so your mentor will arrange to meet you as a group. This helps you to meet other new students and get answers to common questions in a relaxed group setting.  

If you prefer to meet your mentor on your own, that's fine too - just let them know!

When will I hear from my student mentor?

Your mentor will contact you via email prior to Orientation Week. Please keep your personal email address updated in LSE for You| to avoid missing your mentor's introduction. 

How often will I meet my mentor?

Your mentor will arrange a meeting during Orientation Week. 

They will arrange further meetings at minimum in weeks 2 and 7 of Michaelmas Term, then at the beginning and end of subsequent terms. If you need to speak to your mentor outside of these times, they are available to answer questions via email throughout the academic year.  

Where will we meet? 

It is a good idea to meet your mentor or group during the day in public areas. Rooms are set aside on campus during Orientation Week for this purpose, but your mentor may choose to meet somewhere else, such as one of the LSE cafes. 

What if I do not want to meet my mentor? 

You are under no obligation to attend meetings with your mentor, but those who do tell us that it really helped them to settle in.

Whether you choose to meet your mentor in person or not, they are always available by email throughout the year to answer any questions that come up. Don't feel shy about getting in touch! 

Become a mentor

Becoming a Student Mentor is a great way to give back to the LSE community while improving your own communication and interpersonal skills. Mentors help new students to settle in at LSE by providing pre-arrival support and staying in contact throughout the first academic year.

All mentors must:

  • Attend the Selection and Training Session on the afternoon of Wednesday 5 March 2014
  • Commit to the Scheme for one full academic year
  • Agree to abide by all terms of The Mentoring Agreement  

Application process

Applications for the 2014/15 Student Mentoring Scheme have now closed.

 We received many strong applications, so if your application for the 2014/15 scheme was unsuccessful we encourage you to consider applying again next year.

If you have any questions please contact Lydia Halls, the Student Mentoring Scheme coordinator, by emailing studentmentoring@lse.ac.uk|

Mentoring timeline



  • We invite applications from new mentors. 
  • Applicants are invited to a training session.


  • Applicants attend a training session to improve communication skills and learn about the expectations of the scheme.


  • Those who successfully complete the training are invited to become mentors.

Early September

  • Mentors receive their list of mentees. 
  • Mentors email their mentees to introduce themselves, offer to answer any immediate questions and arrange a group meeting during Orientation Week.

Orientation Week

  • Mentors meet with their group on the LSE campus to answer questions, help mentees to get to know one another and conduct a tour of LSE and the local area.
  • Mentors attend their department orientation events if requested.

Weeks 2 and 7

  • Mentors meet with their mentees again.

Throughout the entire academic year

  • Mentors are available via LSE email to answer any questions and pass on useful information as requested by the scheme coordinator.

Beginning and end of each term

  • Mentors offer to get together with their mentoring group to catch up and offer advice.


The Mentoring Agreement

Student mentors are expected to:

  • Provide pre-arrival support to mentees via LSE email to help smooth their arrival on campus. (Mentors must have regular access to LSE email from the end of August)
  • Be present on campus during Orientation Week. This is a firm requirement of the Scheme. If you will be delayed in arriving, you must contact the scheme co-ordinator immediately
  • Arrange and attend group meetings (or individual meetings when requested) during Orientation Week, offering further meetings in weeks 2 and 7 of Michaelmas Term, the beginning and end of the Lent Term and prior to exams in the Summer Term, at a minimum
  • Provide a friendly and informative introduction to your mentees and help them to get to know one another
  • Take your mentees on a tour during Orientation Week
  • Respect confidences and only share anything mentees tell you if you are worried your mentee may be doing something illegal or harming themselves or others. In this instance you should inform the scheme co-ordinator immediately
  • Provide prompt, ad hoc guidance to mentees via LSE email for the whole of the first academic year
  • Promptly distribute essential information to your mentees as it is sent to you by the scheme coordinator
  • Make yourself available for events that  you are invited to by your department, and be prepared with something to say about the scheme. Abide by the Terms and Conditions of the School, in particular those governing The Equality and Diversity Policy

Please note that failure to do any of the above could result in your removal from the Student Mentoring Scheme. 

In return, LSE will provide mentors with:

  • Informative, targeted training
  • Opportunities for personal development
  • Information on where at LSE to direct mentees for assistance
  • Your participation in the scheme will be recorded on your Personal Development Aide Memoire (PDAM)
  • Full support from the scheme organisers in the event of any difficulties

If you have any queries about the scheme or this agreement, do not hesitate to contact Lydia Halls, the scheme coordinator|.