Equal opportunity and diversity

The School is committed to widening participation and providing help and assistance to students with special requirements.

Across the School and within the Students' Union, there are many specialist advisers and organisations who can provide extra support to students during their time at LSE. Their expertise covers many areas including gender issues, sexual orientation, issues affecting ethnic minorities and disability.

For more information on the School's policies to ensure all members of its community are treated equitably and the help, support and advice that is available to students please see the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion web pages.

For more information on the School's disability policy, see Disability and Well-Being Service.

The Students' Union provides some very useful welfare advice pages for students to refer to. They contain the contact details of all the advisers working within the Students' Union.  See Advice and support.

(NB the Students' Union operates independently from the School, which cannot be held responsible for information or advice obtained from their site or advisers.)