About the counselling service

All students need to complete a confidential registration form in advance - please see making an appointment to arrange a counselling appointment.

The counselling service aims to enable students to cope more effectively with any personal or study difficulties that may be affecting them while at LSE.
There are are a number of professionally qualified and experienced counsellors in the service, and between us we offer about 100 sessions of counselling each week.

The Service is a part of the Student Wellbeing Service and all information about students using our service is kept confidential to the Student Wellbeing Team.

See here for further details of our confidentiality policy.

Our leaflet is also available for download here (PDF).

LSE staff who are interested in counselling should contact the separate Staff Counselling Service.

The Counselling Service has produced a handout on stress management techniques which is freely available for download. If you want help with learning about relaxation and breathing techniques, you can listen to and download MP3 files here.

Many students find a great deal of practical assistance on Moodle, which has articles, materials, guidance and videos dealing with a wide range of study skills, including giving presentations, making notes, preparing and writing essays, revision, exam preparation and dissertations.

Materials from recent workshops run by the Counselling Service are also available for download from the section on groups and workshops, including powerpoints and video captures.