Mental Health

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LSE is positive about mental health and recognises that some students have experienced significant barriers to study at points in their academic career, some of which relate to mental health concerns. 

Staff at LSE are in tune with equalities legislation and committed to helping students to overcome barriers to learning in order to maximise chances of academic success. 

Staff from various departments will work with you to help you get the best out of your studies.  One of those staff is a Mental Health Adviser.

Mental Health Adviser(s)

Studying at University can be stressful and this can affect your mental health. Sometimes these difficulties are short lived and can be resolved quickly, whilst others can affect your ability to learn or study effectively.

What do Mental Health Advisers  (MHA) do?

  • MHA’s specialise in assessing how a student’s mental health difficulties affect their ability to learn and can suggest strategies to help overcome problems.
  • MHA’s can help access additional services, within and beyond university, such as Community Mental Health Teams or other NHS services.  
  • MHA’s can offer a source of information and advice for staff who are supporting students with mental health difficulties. This includes liaison with academic and/or residential colleagues.
  • MHA’s will co-ordinate communications within LSE by working with the student to devise an individual student support agreement (ISSA) which outlines actions to be taken by staff, and the responsibility of the student for their own learning.  ISSA’s are disseminated to named people with the written agreement of the student.
  • MHA’s can provide support to students who may have had long term mental health difficulties.
  • MHA’s can help manage or avert crisis situations.


How do we work with students?

In some situations students who have enduring difficulties, such as persistent depression or disordered eating, may find these issues impacting on their ability to study effectively.  The MHA can assess your difficulties and, in partnership, find ways to manage your studies. 

Students have a right to expect that information given in confidence is only used for the purposes for which it was given and will not be disclosed to others without permission.   (However, at times it may be necessary to disclose information to protect the student or others from harm and this can be done without the student’s permission.)

For students whose difficulties are associated with bereavement, relationship problems, moving from another country, the Counselling Service is likely to be more suitable.

Where at LSE are the MHAs located?

Advisers can be contacted by phone or email via:-

                          Disability and Wellbeing Service 
                            Tel:  0207 955 7567
                            (Extension 7767)
                             email: )

                           Student Counselling Service   
                             Tel: 020 7852 3627
                             (Extension 3627) 

The Mental Health Advisers at LSE work closely with other support staff.
They work in conjunction with the Disability and Wellbeing Service and the Student Counselling Service. For more information, click on the link below:

Disability and Wellbeing Service Website